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Welcome to World of Darkness: Hoosier Heartland. The following information is my attempt to bring the state of Indiana into the White Wolf Games' World of Darkness, written by myself, Terry O'Brien, a long-time resident of the state and a long-time, for not quite as long a time, but still a long time, gamer.

Mundane Information

Geographical information

Indiana lies between the states of Illinois to the West and Ohio to the East, Michigan to the North, and Kentucky to the South. The only natural boundries are the small shoreline along Lake Michigan, forming the northwest border; and the Ohio and Wabash Rivers, which is the lower half of the Indiana-Illinois border, leading into the Ohio River which is the southern border, giving the state the appearance of a cowboy boot.

Most of Indiana's terrain is largely flat, the legacy of the last Ice Age, when the retreating glaciers scraped across the land. The land begins to develop more varied terrain in the southern third of the state, the result of the runoff from the glaciers, but even there the variety is not very broad. The soil is rich and easily tilled. What was once a heavily forested area has been cut back, especially in the north, for farming. Because of this Indiana is traditionally a farming state: a large percentage of the land is devoted to such cash crops as corn, wheat, and soybeans, as well as cattle, pigs, sheep, and horses. In the southern half of the state, remnants of the deep woods still remain in areas, especially in the Hoosier National Forest.

Indiana is served by six major Interstate highways: I-65, cutting across the state diagonally from Chicago to the northwest to Lousiville in the southeast; I-69, which crosses the state diagonally in the opposite direction from Evansville in the southwest to central Michigan in the northeast; I-70, which crosses the state in the middle East to West; and I-74, which cross the state from Columbus to the southeast to middle Illinois. All connect around Indianapolis and the I-465 Bypass, forming an irregular eight-pointed star shape, the arcane significance of which will be explained later.

The other two Interstate highways are I-80 and I-90, comprising the Hoosier Tollroad, connecting Chicago and Toledo, cutting across Indiana just south of the Michigan border. Also to be mentioned is I-94, which is merged with I-90 coming out of Chicago but splits off when I-80 merges with I-90 and moves into Michigan towards Detroit.


The first people in the area were the primarily the Potowatomi and Miami tribes.

Searching for fresh sources of furs and pelts, French explorers, trappers, and missionairies came down into the territory from Canada. They followed the St. Joseph and Wabash Rivers, and established a trading post at the confluence near the St. Joseph River.

Named the Northwest Territories, it became the first expansion priority of the new Republic. Two disastrous expeditions were sent out against the Indians of the area, particularly against Little Turtle and Tecumsah. In response, a third expedition was to be commanded by General Anthony "Mad Anthony" Wayne, a Revolutionary War hero. After spending a winter training the troops, the force set out.

They lured their opponents into an ambush in a place called Fallen Timbers, a large clearning where a number of trees had fallen. Catching the Indians in a crossfire as they tried to advance, the American forces were victorious.

Now Indiana stands as a borderland and contested territory. Despite this it has managed to maintain its own identity.

Political Situation

Indiana is a state of the United States: it has a Govenor as head of the Executive branch, a bicameral (two house) Legislative branch, and a Judicial branch; nationally, it has two Senators and eleven Representatives. The state is broken down into 92 counties: the county govenment varies but is usually an elected county council, each representing a district within the county. County authority does not carry into cities and towns, which have their own government, usually through a mayor and city council.

Indiana has a reputation for conservatism, but it should be pointed out that this is a more traditional laisee faire conservatism. However, there are pockets of strong conservatism bordering and crossing over into fascism. The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are strong in the southern third of the state and control many local offices. The Knights themselves are covertly controlled through elements of the Technocracy, particularly the New World Order and the Syndicate.

Important mundane locations


Government Installations

Other Places of Interest

Other Items of Interest

Because the state is split between Eastern Standard Time (most of the state) and Central Standard Time (the northwest corner of the state, including Gary, and the southwestern tip), it was given the choice whether to participate in Daylight Savings Time, and it chose not to participate. Thus every spring and fall most residents do not change their clocks. [This could prove a nasty surprise to a vampire, who finds himself away from any refuge thinking the sun is rising an hour later than expected.]

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