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Current situation

All good things must come to an end. As of June 31st, my contract assignment at Navistar is over. Because the industry is in the downward middle of a three-year business cycle, Navistar was forced to cut back across the board. The IT department has most of its capital in hardware, so they had to let someone go. As the contract employee with the shortest amount of time with the company ( only 50 months ), I was the choice.

I am now job hunting again, with hopes of getting into Web development and Java programming.

Past assignments were working as a contract programmer for the Truck Engineering Division of Navastar (what used to be International Harvester before it shrank and decided to specialize in truck manufacturing, working as a contract software programming position at Aid Association for Lutherans, a Lutheran financial and insurance organization, helping with the next quarterly upgrade to their agenting software, and working at Appleton Papers, Inc., in Appleton, Wisconsin, for Compuware, Inc. I have previously worked 12 years at ITT Aerospace / Communications Division in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on such government projects as the software testing of the new GOES (Geostationary Orbiting Earth Satellite) weather satellite series and the Euphoria multi-channel, multi-station radio monitoring station.

I have attached a copy of my résumé to my home page: click here to view it.

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