Terry O’Brien

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Fort Wayne, IN 46835

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Summary of Experience

Mr. O'Brien has been a software programming professional since 1980. He has been involved in all aspects of scientific and engineering software and all phases of software development, particularly software design, coding, testing, maintenance and documentation. Mr. O’Brien has extensive experience in small-scale and large-scale scientific and engineering programming projects, either working independently and as part of a team. His software skills include an in-depth knowledge of the C, Java, FORTRAN, and Pascal programming languages and DEC VAX systems, a strong familiarity with SQL and the UNIX operating system, and a strong foundation in sound programming methods and principles.

Areas of Experience

Scientific / Engineering Programming

System Programming

Computer Operations

Software Analysis and Design

System Analysis

System Management

Software Integration

System Integration

Security Planning

Software Maintenance

Software Translation

User Training

Software Documentation


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B.S., Computer Science, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana


Navistar: March 1997-June-2001: Wrote and maintained second and third generation C Language program to extract bill of material records from vehicle design database for BOM purchasing systems at the manufacturing plants. Designed, wrote and maintained program to audit bill of material records from plant BOM purchasing systems and generate error reports and correction records; wrote user documentation for program, including program flow of control information, explanations of command line parameters, descriptions of input file formats, and descriptions and explanations of error messages. Designed, wrote and maintained user software for assigning model / feature code records to individual plants. Rewrote feature record extract program to include release numbers and dates for manufacturing plants. Designed and wrote program to edit plant assignments for feature codes. Designed and wrote Java program to perform pre-release certification tests; designed user login and test interface screens, validated user input and coordinated tests with JNI subroutines, displayed and recorded test results and logged tests for future examination. Was responsible for servicing requests to supply missing and corrected bill of material records to the requesting plants.

Aid Association for Lutherans: August 1996-January 1997: Updated C Language programs for regular quarterly release of field agent software. Modified user-interface modules and print modules to accommodate changes in state regulations and company offerings. Revised database conversion program for quarterly release.

Appleton Papers: June 1994-June 1996: Translated Computer Associates CA-Generator software into DEC VAX C Language programs with embedded DEC VAX Rdb SQL. Developed software to support the installation of a paper roll tracking system at a remote processing plant. Designed and wrote programs to manipulate database entries with real-time data sharing and concurrent access conditions. Updated these programs to display error information for operations personnel, to allow supervisors to monitor and purge error reports, to concurrently monitor communications, to provide regular reporting of system status, to log and report database error conditions, and to support test operations.

AlliedSignals: January 1993-September 1993: Designed, wrote, maintained and documented test procedures for the embedded jet engine fuel controller software for AlliedSignals Engine Controls Division. Test procedures were created using a proprietary test script language and performed on a dedicated testing facility.

ITT Aerospace/Communications: June 1988-March 1992: Designed, wrote and maintained software test packages and written test procedures for the Geo-Stationary Orbiting Earth Satellite (GOES) weather satellite program. Was responsible for several individual test procedures, each test involved user interaction, reliable real-time data acquisition, extensive data analysis and verification, and multiple report and plot generation. Created instrument and test equipment interface libraries and extensive test data generation.

ITT Aerospace/Communications: May 1985-June 1988: Designed, coded, integrated, and debugged the system control software for the EUPHORIA radio monitoring system program. Lead software designer and lead programmer of the three-man team, responsible for the initial software design and programming of the user interface, real-time database library, low-level function interfaces, and equipment command and control software. Maintained a DOD SECRET clearance during assignment to this project.

ITT Aerospace/Communications: March 1980-May 1985: Computer operator, system manager, and staff programmer for the Engineering Services Department. Operator and manager for a Prime 550 and a VAX/VMS 11/780 computer system, and was responsible for the regular operational duties, initial and supplemental user training, resource monitoring, tracking, and planning, and computer and site security. Managed the transition between the Prime 550 and VAX/VMS 11/780 computer systems. Created and presented regular user training sessions. Attended DEC VAX training seminars on system operation and system programming, and DOD training seminars on computer security. As staff programmer, was responsible for creating, revising and implementing supplemental system programs using the FORTRAN programming language, including revising the system accounting reporting and monitoring program, creating an on-line calculation utility, a PERT reporting and graphing program, and a manpower forecasting program. Also implemented a plotting library for the Versatec electrostatic plotter and CalComp bed plotter.