Jix Ferguson could laugh off anything, but when a prophetic dream revealed that her best friend was making a terrible mistake and marrying the wrong guy, everything seemed a lot more serious. So she tricked Samantha into flying to Scotland. There the two women met the man Jix was convinced her friend should marry - Jamie MacGregor. He was handsome, smart, perfect...the only problem was, Jix fell for him, too. And there was another issue: A slight scuffle involving the Scot's ancestral sword sent all three back in time to the start of the seventeenth century - where the MacGregors were outlaws and hunted. But things weren't so terrible; none of this was anything a little willpower and a few verses of "I Will Survive" couldn't cure. All Jix had to do was marry Griffin Campbell, steal Jamie's sword back from their captor, and find a way to return herself and her friends to their own time - with their heads and hearts intact. Oh yeah, and she had to fall in love. It wasn't going to be easy, but in this matter of the heart, Jix knew she'd laugh last.

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