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Coming May 2008

"Love, sex, humor, history...Tess Mallory's enchanting time-travels are must-reads!"

-USA Today bestselling author Sandra Hill


1711. They call him the Piper. A masked bandit seeking vengeance for his people, and Rob Roy MacGregor's clan, Quinn MacIntyre leaves his victims with empty pockets, and a haunting tune played on the pipes that once gave him great joy. But when a flame-haired minx stumbles across his path, she awakens a new song in his heart. Now the outlaw faces a challenge more daunting than the Duke's patrols: Let go of the past and embrace the future...

Present day. On her dream vacation in the Scottish Highlands, aspiring archaeologist Maggie Graham discovers a tri-spiral carving in the floor of an ancient cairn, and unwittingly sets its dormant magic in motion. Sent tumbling back in time 300 years, Maggie uncovers the most amazing find of all-a Scottish hero straight out of her wildest fantasies. There are just two tiny problems with this grand adventure: She's trapped in 18th century Scotland, and the man she's fallen for is an outlaw, a thief, a daring...Highland Rogue.




Romance Rating: 4 Cups

Maggie Graham is an aspiring archaeologist. When her sisters and her friend give her a trip to Scotland to help with a dig, she cannot believe it. She has spent all of her adult life raising her twin sisters and this will be the first time she is 'free'. What new and exciting artifacts will she discover and will she be able to let them go?

Quinn MacIntyre is known as the Piper. He and his best friend Ian are highwaymen. So far they have been lucky to escape capture by the duke. But luck never holds out for long and Quinn must face the fact that if not for a woman, Ian would be with him still. But will his attraction to her distract him from rescuing Ian before it is too late?

When Quinn sees a woman who could be either witch or goddess appear in the road right in the path of Ian's horse, he only thinks of keeping her from being trampled. When Ian is caught and shot by the dukes men, Quinn blames Maggie. Maggie knows how it feels to lose someone you care about and she promises to help Quinn rescue Ian. Will their attraction to each other interfere with what has to be done? When Maggie takes Ian to the future and he returns to his own time, will he come back to her?

Tess Mallory has written a marvelous time travel romance. I loved the characters and the history she includes in her story. She really brings the past to life. They fight the romance at the start but that is part of the beauty of the story and it captures the reader's attention. I could not put this book down until I had reached the last page. This is a wonderful story and one I will read again.

By Liadan

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance



Quinn MacIntyre is called The Piper. As a masked bandit he leaves his victims with empty hands and pockets and a haunting melody played on the pipes. He’s out for revenge and will stop at nothing to get it. That is until a strange woman steps out of the mist and right into his way. Now Quinn faces a new and more challenging choice.

Maggie Graham has always dreamed of visiting Scotland and other great locations as an archaeologist, however, life didn’t work out as Maggie planned. Then an opportunity of a lifetime gives her a chance to visit the Scottish Highlands and work on an actual archaeological dig. While on the dig, Maggie is both disappointed and excited. Then she uncovers a tri-spiral carving and soon finds herself no longer in 2008 but instead in 1711. Life has certainly gone from boring and safe to interesting and dangerous and full of adventure.Will Maggie and Quinn find a love to last forever or only heartache?

HIGHLAND ROGUE is a wonderfully exciting paranormal romance.The characters are charming, funny, engaging and quickly pull you into the story. Fans of historicals will find HIGHLAND ROGUE a wonderful story of romance with paranormal elements. The mystery surrounding the Triskele is one that is fresh. There are secondary characters that will have readers eager to see them in their own story. I hope Ms. Mallory will give them, especially the twins their own adventure. If you are looking for a fun story that will take you on an adventure, be sure to add HIGHLAND ROGUE to your “to buy” list. It’s sure to find a home on your keeper shelf.

Reviewed by Wendy Keel Rating 4 1/2

. . . and from a reader on AMAZON.COM . . . .

Great bedtime reading, June 4, 2008

By H. Grove "owling6683" (Maryland, USA)

When I realized I had another time-travel Scottish romance in my hands, I thought, 'you've got to be kidding me.' I've read Kurland's With Every Breath and Wolff's Sword of the Highlands, and I couldn't help wondering just how much you could do with such a narrow niche. Well, Tess Mallory's Highland Rogue is one of those books that proves you can't judge a book by its concept---or its peers.

Maggie has always wanted to be an archaeologist, and she's always wanted to visit Scotland. She put both dreams on hold when her parents died and she was forced to raise her twin sisters. Now they're grown, and they and Maggie's best friend have a birthday present for Maggie---a trip to an archaeological dig at a cairn in Scotland.

The trip is little more than a con designed to make tourists feel like they're getting a 'real' archaeological experience. But for once Maggie's doing something for herself, and she's determined to enjoy it. Then she and Alex, the 'archaeologist' running the dig, uncover a mysterious tri-spiral carving inside the cairn. When Maggie accidentally activates the power inside the carving, she's sent back in time to 1711, where she runs right into the path of a highwayman's horse.

There are only a couple of tiny smudges on what is otherwise a gorgeous book, so naturally I'll get them out of the way quickly. There are some moments toward the beginning of Maggie's stay in the past when you do notice dribs of 'formula' as such, but the author breaks free of them quickly. (To be fair to Ms. Mallory, she's at a disadvantage. You can't have the character adjust to such a thing in a paragraph, yet since this seems to be its own mini-genre readers may get tired of reading that inevitable adjustment over and over again.)

Quinn and Maggie have fantastic chemistry. They drive each other nuts in ways that are great fun, and they have utterly smokin' sex scenes. The plot is wonderful. There's plenty of tension as Maggie tries to keep Quinn's friend Ian alive, elude the all-too-dangerous roaming eyes and hands of the captain of the guard, protect her new friend Jenny from the same, help Quinn rescue Ian, and somehow keep Quinn from getting himself killed.

Finally, Mallory's writing sings with good humor. Maggie is snarky; Maggie's sisters and friend are the worst kind of practical jokers (the Hello Kitty pajamas are their fault); and there's some great fun made of the stereotypical narcissistic hunk in some hilarious early scenes.

So if you enjoy this weird sub-sub-genre that is Scottish Highland time-travel romance, I can definitely recommend Tess Mallory's Highland Rogue. For a book with such a generic title, its contents are anything but.


Coming in May 2008

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What is the Secret of the Triskele?

Excerpt from Highland Rogue

by Tess Mallory copyright 2007

For a moment, it was as if she had stepped into some other world. The moonlight streaming through the holes had collided with dust particles in the air, making them glitter and dance like fanciful fairies. It was all so surreal. Maggie took a step forward, drawn to the three stone spirals joined at the center. Choosing the one beneath the moonlight, she began to walk beside the grooved �path'.

As she followed it, she wondered if anyone had known about this cairn during the days of Rob Roy. "Follow forward, follow back, ages lost, ages found," she muttered. Something sparkled in her peripheral vision and she jerked her head toward it, her breath catching in her throat. The ogham, the lines carved into the standing stone in the wall of the cairn, were glowing.

"Follow forward, follow back," she whispered, and began to walk beside the spiral again. She took one step, and then another, reciting the words Alex had translated. "Ages lost, Ages found."

Maggie reached the end of the single spiral and stopped, mesmerized by the conflicting sensations coursing through her body. She was dizzy, elated, scared, amazed. Light flooded in from above and she looked up again to find one of the 'star holes� directly in line with her gaze.

Suddenly she had no breath, no words, no thoughts. She had only that one star above, suspended in space, holding her in some kind of mindless limbo as the spiral below her feet began to slowly turn�just before everything exploded in a dazzling blaze of light.

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"You don't need a woman who will obey your every command," Samantha said. She arched her body to meet his lips as he kissed her collarbone. "You need a woman who will give you trouble every day of your life."

"Trouble is not what I'm wanting from ye today, lass," Duncan murmured against her skin.

The pale violet leine she wore was laced up the front. Slowly Duncan lifted the end of the leather cord holding it together and pulled. The cloth parted.

"Oh," she said softly," but trouble is what I"m going to give you, laddie."

Sam sat up and let the sleeves of the garment fall to her wrists, then tossed it aside. She laid back down, arms above her head, her eyes half-closed, her lips inviting, her hair spread out like a mermaid's across the sand. Duncan stretched out beside her and she held his gaze like a wanton as he watched the fire ignite in her eyes from his touch.

She slid her hands up to the vee of his shirt and knotting her fists there, jerked the material, rending it all the way to his waist. Then she pushed him backward to the sand,but before she could move, he stopped her.

"Not this time, lass," Duncan whispered. "This time, I'm on top."

The Reviewers Rave

button"Tess Mallory is a superb writer. She infuses her characters with true grit.... Passion and sensuality are Ms. Mallory's forte."

Under the Covers Book Reviews

button"[CIRCLES IN TIME] instantly grabs readers' attentions. What a pleasure to read!"

Romantic Times

button"[HIGHLAND DREAM] . . . outrageously funny . . . poignant. Highland Dream will bring you to laughter and tears!"

Romantic Times

button"[HIGHLAND FLING] was excellent. I loved the way Chelsea grew into herself and Griffin's battle with himself and time. I laughed and cried with the characters, and finished the book with a smile. Then I ran out and looked for more of Ms. Mallory's works. You will do the same."

Gina Duvall, Paranormal Romance Reviews

button"[HIGHLAND FLING] is loaded with action . . . This is a winner for those readers who relish a romantic Back to the Future."

Harriet Klausner, (Resident Tess Mallory Scholar), Allreaders.com

button"[HIGHLAND DREAM} . . . a humorous and lively novel . . . you'll want to pull an all-nighter to read."

Harriet Klausner, (Resident Tess Mallory Scholar), Allreaders.com

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