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When the land again has need of it,
this Sword shall live again.

The inscription magically appeared on the
tombstone of the Dreamer -- a message of hope
for the land of Delgroth, in the face of a perilous future.

But the Dreamer didn't really die -- he returned
to his own world, and his life as college student
Steve Wilkinson.  The evil wizard Belevairn
followed him, seeking to arm his minions with the
frightening power of modern weaponry.

As the steel killing machine they call the
Dragon lays waste to one fortress after another,
the good men of Delgroth are pushed
ever closer to defeat.

It is time for the Dreamer to wake, for the Sword
to live again...

Inside Front Cover

Inside Front Cover


The saddle  fit beautifully,  as if it had  been made
for the horse.  Steve loaded all of his gear onto the
warhorse.   He dropped  the  reins  to the floor  and
turned back to select another mount.                 
   "Hold!"  shouted a  voice  behind him.   Steve spun
around.  Damn -- he'd been discovered.               
   Belevairn's  memories   supplied  the  identity  of
the  creature   behind  the   golden  mask  for  him.
Lord  Daemor,  chief  among  the Twelve.   The  Dread
Lord stood in  the entrance to  the stables, sword in
   "Who  are  you?"   Daemor  asked,   stepping   into
the  stable.   "Dreamer?"   Daemor  sounded  incredu-
lous.  "But how...?"                                 
   "Lord  Belevairn  was kind  enough  to lend  me his
steed,"  Steve replied,  raising  the shotgun  to his
   Daemor charged just as Steve pulled the trigger...

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