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John Gregory Betancourt

When mentioning those writers who had a profound impact on my own style of writing, I have to include John Gregory Betancourt.  Many years ago, John was my instructor in the Writer's Digest short story course.  He helped to take a raw, unpolished writer and turn him into somebody who could actually sell his first novel!  John is an accomplished writer and has published many works of fantasy and science fiction as well as action/adventure novels.  Take a moment to peruse the works of this talented author.

Marion Zimmer Bradley

No reader's collection would be complete without a least a FEW works from this grand mistress of science fiction!  On the other hand, if I tried to review every book that Ms. Bradley has written, this page would never be finished!  The few works that I have included here should serve as an introduction to the wonderful work of this incredible writer.

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