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Barbara Hambly

Barbara Hambly is an excellent writer of fantasy.  She freely mixes real-life humor into her work to create a truly realistic milieu.  Needless to say, this is also one of the authors who I feel had a great impact on my own style of writing.  She is a master of what is commonly referred to as the "crossover" novel, where the main protagonist is someone from our own world who is transported by some means into the world of the novel.  If you have never read this author's work, you've truly missed a great experience!

Robert A. Heinlein

Ask any author to name the other authors whose work influenced him, and the chances are very good that Robert A. Heinlein's name will be on that list (if not at the top of it).  I am no exception.  As a boy, I grew up reading the Heinlein juveniles and, I believe I can honestly say, that Robert Heinlein started me down the road that led to becoming an author myself.  I've listed a few of my boyhood favorites by the greatest legend of American science-fiction.

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