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K.B. Bogen

Karen Bogen is a good friend who writes humorous fantasy.  Her first published work ( Go Quest Young Man ) is a wonderful spoof about a just graduated wizard who, more than anything else, is searching for himself.  Of course, he finds lots of other things along the way.  If you enjoy humorous fantasy, then Go Quest Young Man is a "must read".

P.N. Elrod

I've known Pat Elrod ever since college.  Of course, back then she wasn't published yet, but it didn't take her long after that.  Pat's first novel was Bloodlist, the first book of The Vampire Files, of which I believe there are currently six.  At least, I haven't heard of a seventh one coming out yet.  Pat does vampires very well (which makes me wonder, since I don't think I've seen her out in daylight ever since college).  As a result, when TSR needed a high quality author to do their novelization of the vampire Strahd from their Ravenloft series of adventure modules, they turned to Pat.  I, Strahd earned Pat a well-deserved and unshakable place among authors of dark fantasy / horror.  If you like horror or dark fantasy, you really need to check out the work of this author.

Katharine Eliska Kimbriel

Katharine is a veteran science fiction author.  Her original three works ( Fire Sanctuary, Fires of Nuala, and Hidden Fires ) earned her a well deserved place in the science fiction arena.

Katharine's latest work, Night Calls, is an excellent venture into the realm of dark fantasy.  Night Calls begins the story of Alfreda, a young woman from colonial America gifted with psychic powers.  When werewolves terrorize a small village in colonial Michigan, Alfreda, with the teachings of her mystical family, must go forth to face them.  An excellent work of dark fantasy by an excellent writer!

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