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It could not be true. How could the Dread Lord
cross the gulf between worlds to Earth?

Steve Wilkinson woke up after months in
a strange coma, dreaming of a battle against evil
in a magical world. Now, he just wants to get
on with his life as a college student. But it's not that
easy. A photo of a "ghost rider" on the cover of
a lurid tabloid proves that Steve's nightmare didn't
end when he woke up...

His dream enemy, the wizard Belevairn, has
brought his evil minions into OUR world -- and they're
stocking up on automatic weapons!

Steve is the only one who knows how grave the
danger is. But how can one college student stop the
armies of evil?

Inside Front Cover

Inside Front Cover


   Steve struggled vainly against the ropes that held
him.  He could smell the moist leaves rotting on the
forest  floor  and  the smell  of wood  burned  long
ago.   He was naked,  bound hand and foot  to stakes
driven into  the ground.   How had  he gotten  here?
He thrashed madly -- he MUST get free!              
   "Do not bother  to struggle,  Master Wilkinson," a
familiar, rasping voice said.  "You are mine now."
   Steve  looked up  into the  red,  burning eyes  of
Belevairn.  At least, he thought it was Belevairn --
that was who  the voice  belonged to.  But Belevairn
looked...different.   He  wore  no  gold  mask  and,
instead  of the  mummified  corpse  Steve  knew  him
to be, he looked like...STEVE...                    
   Steve saw the wizard smile  as the realization hit
him.   Oh,  God.   Oh,  dear God,  this couldn't  be
   "But it is,  Master  Wilkinson,"  Belevairn  said,
sensing  his thoughts.   "I defeated  you at  Quarin
and  now  I have  defeated you  here,  in  your  own
mind.   I have  always been  your better.   You have
   Steve screamed...                                

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