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In the cities and villages of Reykvid, the tale of the rise
of the MageLord Valerian is not ended.  A dark new chapter
is being written in blood...

It is the story of the king named Gavin, a good man crippled by his
fear of the Power.  It is the story of his First Knight, Mathen, who
delights in hunting down and destroying all those who possess any
part of that which is forbidden.  It is the story of the men and
women, rich and poor, old and young, who fall victim to Mathen's
unreasoning wrath.

And it is the story of a most unlikely hero.

A young noble named Ian, cousin to the king, who risks all to
forge a route of escape for those in danger.  And on his perilous
journey, discovers the Power within himself...

Inside Front Cover

Inside Front Cover


  The  letter said  Mage  and  ungifted  alike  are being
burned  by the dozens  in the Hunt.   I have sent  my son
on this quest  to establish a line of safe houses through
the Wastes to you,  Bjorn.   If you are reading this,  he
has succeeded.                                           
  That was impressive, Bjorn thought.                    
  Soon,  Ivanel added,  you will see  the first groups of
those who flee the Hunt arrive at your location.   In all
likelihood, they are already on their way to you.  I hate
to burden you with this duty,  but their lives are now in
your hands.   I know of  no other who can aid them better
than you.   My son Ian does not realize it, but in a way,
you have  already received  your first  refugee.   I have
enclosed another letter  for him,  instructing him to re-
main  with you  until such a time as I  send for him.   I
will not have  this madness  claim  my only son.   Please
keep him safe for me.                                    
  The  fate  of  our  people  now  lies  in your  capable
hands.  Until we meet again.  Ivanel.                    
  Bjorn  set  the letter  aside,  and wondered  how  many
were  on their  way.   Certainly more  than he could  ab-
sorb...but he could not turn them away either...         

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