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The Delgroth Trilogy The MageLord Trilogy

The Delgroth Trilogy

A Two-Edged Sword A Matter of Honor A Call to Arms

A Two-Edged Sword

A Two-Edged Sword is the first installment in The Delgroth Trilogy.  Steve Wilkinson is a bashful college freshman who volunteers for an on-campus sleep research experiment in order to earn a few extra bucks during the semester.  However, things go strangely wrong and Steve is torn from his normal life and hurled into a world where magic is a reality and where he is the hero whose coming has been prophesied for hundreds of years.  Can he overcome his own disbelief, both in this reality and in himself, before it's too late?

A Matter of Honor

In the second book of The Delgroth Trilogy, Steve Wilkinson has returned to Earth after his adventures in the world of Delgroth.  Unable to return to Delgroth, and grieving the loss of Aerilynn, the woman he loved, Steve attempts to get on with his normal life once again.  Such is not to be, however.  Steve soon learns that the forces of the Dark Mistress have followed him to Earth.  Only he can appreciate the danger this represents not only to the world of Delgroth, but also to his own.  In the face of this knowledge Steve finds that he must drop everything to pursue his old enemy, Belevairn.  After all, it's A Matter of Honor.

A Call to Arms

In the concluding novel of The Delgroth Trilogy, Steve Wilkinson has returned to the world of Delgroth, but this is not a time of happy reunion.  Belevairn has shipped modern weapons and highly trained soldiers back to the world of Delgroth.  Steve's knowledge is the only hope that the people of Delgroth have to destroy the awesome steel killing machine they know as the Dragon.  It is time for the Dreamer to return and to answer A Call to Arms.

The MageLord Trilogy

The Awakening
The Time of Madness
The House of Bairn

MageLord: The Awakening

Millenia ago, the world was ruled by the MageLords.  For thousands of years, these godlike sorcerors ruled the world with an iron hand -- enslaving all of humanity to their will.  Eventually, the MageLords brought about their own downfall in a horrible war which laid waste to most of the world.  Humanity almost did not survive.

Now, centuries later, someone has woken a surviving MageLord from his enchanted slumber.  For salvation, humanity is forced to turn to the lesser mages whom it has long persecuted.  But what can a simple hedge wizard do when faced with a MageLord?  Will humanity survive The Awakening?

"Good fantasy...this book should appeal to many."

"A rarity these days, this is an unabashed guy-fantasy, with lots of medieval-style battles and castle sieges..."

MageLord: The Time of Madness

Panic has spread throughout the kingdom of Reykvid and the clans after the passing of the apprentice MageLord, Valerian.  The practitioners of the Forbidden Arts are being hunted down mercilessly.  What most do not realize, however, is that even some among the royal family of Reykvid are among the Circle.

Ian Urqhart, the cousin of the king of Reykvid, Gavin Urqhart, is one of these.  On Ian's ascendance to manhood it falls to him and his father to find some way to save their people from the ravages of the Hunt.  Ian rides forth to enlist the aid of Bjorn Rolfson in bringing the magi out of the clans to a place of safety in the Wastes.

It is not an easy quest for a young errant, however.  Ian must brave the dangers of the Wastes alone in his search for Bjorn while, at the same time, eluding Mathen, the relentless First Knight of the Sacred Hunt.  Can one boy save the magi from The Time of Madness?

MageLord: The House of Bairn  (Not yet Released)

The armies of Reykvid are marching on the last retreat of the magi.  Their last hope for survival rests on the shoulders of Bjorn Rolfson, who has gone off in search of the Power of the ancient MageLords.  However, Bjorn has disappeared into the past without a trace and it falls to Ian Urqhart to marshal his forces against their enemies.  Unfortunately, the army that marches against them outnumbers them by more than ten to one and is led by Ian's own cousin, Gavin, the king of Reykvid.  Is this the last stand of The House of Bairn?

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