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Like most writers, I love to read as well.  Here I have compiled a list of works that I have read and enjoyed over the years.  Unfortunately, I don't have as much time to read as I once did, so many of the books listed here are fairly old.  Even though old, many of them are timeless and are still as good today as when they were written.  Take the time to browse around for a while.  It'll be worth the trip.

Reviews Organized by Author

Betancourt,  John Gregory
Bogen,  K.B.
Bradley,  Marion Zimmer
Chestek,  James H., P.E.
Cox,  Donald W., ED.D.
Elrod,  P.N.
Grinspoon,  Dr. David H.
Hambly,  Barbara
Heinlein,  Robert A.
Kimbriel,  Katharine Eliska
Mallove,  Eugene F., ScD
Martin,  Thomas K.
Matloff,  Gregory Lee, PhD
Tolkien,  J.R.R.
Zubrin,  Dr. Robert

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