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Then did the Arm of Death reach into
the Burning Hills and draw forth the
Dreamer. And the Dreamer bore a
Two-Edged Sword...

When Steve Wilkinson volunteers for a sleep
research experiment, all he expects is some
pleasant dreams. Instead, he's mysteriously
transported to a magical realm where warring
armies clash in an epic battle of Light
against Darkness.

Who is the Dreamer? Which way shall his
Sword strike?

Steve just wants to wake up, but this dream is real.
And so is the prophecy!

Inside Front Cover

Inside Front Cover


The  thing  was  humanoid  in form,  but  resembled
an ape  more  than  a man.   The  face  was  framed
in short,  bristly hair and  had a leathery appear-
ance.   There was no true nose -- rather, the thing
had a long, leathery snout,  like a baboon's.  Also
like a baboon's,   that snout was filled with long,
vicious-looking fangs. If Steve had seen it at the 
zoo, he wouldn't have looked twice.                

At the zoo,  however,  it wouldn't  have been wear-
ing leather or carrying a crossbow....             

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