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This page is designed to be a resource for those wishing to learn more about the doomed Titanic, who went down in April 1912 with a loss of over a thousand lives. Its decks held a microcosm of the universe—Astors and Guggenheims in first class, immigrants in third.

Unsurprisingly, authors have used the events of Titanic for exploring many issues. The books listed below are divided into three categories: books based on historical information (such as the accounts of survivors), fictionalized accounts of the disaster, and books suitable for children and young adults (including coloring books and cut-away views of the ship). At the very end we have a link to miscellaneous items such as the soundtrack. Please feel free to browse!

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Historical Information

The Discovery of the Titanic

By Robert D. Ballard and Rick Archbold. A first hand account by those who searched for, and found, the Titanic.

Story of the Titanic As Told By Its Survivors

By Jack Winocour. First hand accounts, photos and illustrations, and demonstration of 1912 social attitudes: all can be found in this book, with the addition of some chilling pieces of Titanic trivia. For example, before passengers realized how serious the iceberg truly was, they planned to hold snowball fights the next day!

Down With the Old Canoe: A Cultural History of the Titanic Disaster (hardcover)
Down With the Old Canoe: A Cultural History of the Titanic Disaster (paperback)

By Steven Biel. An examination of cultural and social interpretations of the sinking of the Titanic.

Last Dinner on the Titanic: Menus and Recipes from the Legendary Liner

By Dana McCauley. Learn what the passengers on the Titanic ate, and recreate their last meals! (Ever tried quail's eggs in aspic with caviar?)

The Titanic Disaster: As Reported in the British National Press April-July 1912

Compiled by Dave Bryceson. We tend to forget that the Titanic was not always a historical event, but that the news unfolded over the course of many days and weeks. This book contains the actual news stories and headlines!

The Sinking of the Titanic

Edited by Bruce M. Caplan. This book is essential for any serious student of the Titanic disaster. Originally published one month after the wreck, this book includes not only survivor accounts written down immediately (rather than years later), but many rare photographs.

Titanic Survivor: The Newly Discovered Memoirs of Violet Jessop Who Survived Both the Titanic and Britannic Disasters

By Violet Jessop and John Maxtone-Graham. The first-hand account of a woman who, while only in her twenties, lived through the sinking of the Titanic. (She then survived yet another shipwreck!)

Her Name, Titanic: The Untold Story of the Sinking and Finding of the Unsinkable Ship

By Charles Pellegrino. This account combines first-hand accounts with the discovery of the wreck decades later. "Provocative and poetic" says one reviewer.

Fictional Novels Based On Real-Life Events

Every Man For Himself (hardcover)
Every Man For Himself (paperback)

By Beryl Bainbridge. A historical novel based on the Titanic, well suited for those who want a more literary approach; this novel was shortlisted for the prestigious Booker Prize.

Murder on the Titanic

By Jim Walker. This novel combines a mystery with the already tragic story. Just recently published!

From Time to Time

By Jack Finney. The sequel to the bestseller time-traveling novel Time and Again, this novel includes the hero taking a voyage on Titanic.

A Night To Remember

By Walter Lord. The classic 1955 novel detailing the sinking of Titanic minute by minute. The descriptions of the icebergs, from the point of view of the stranded passengers, are alone worth reading the novel for.

Psalm at Journey's End (hardcover)
Psalm at Journey's End (paperback)

By Erik Fosnes Hansen, translated by Joan Tate. This fictional novel examines the legend that the musicians aboard the Titanic continued to play even as the ship sank.

Raise the Titanic

Clive Cussler's adventure thriller involving the raising of the Titanic.

Young Adult Books

This section includes books suitable for all ages, including novels, history, and a few fun items that adults might like to buy for themselves!

Inside the Titanic: A Giant Cut-Away Book

By Hugh Brewster, illustrated by Ken Marschall. Sure to intrigue adults as well as children, this book (suitable for ages four and up) actually shows the inside of the ship, and details the stories of two children—one in first class, the other in third.

Back to the Titanic! (Travellers Through Time #1)

By Beatrice Gormley. Kids travel through time to experience the wreck of the Titanic!

Exploring the Titanic

By Robert D. Ballard, the author of The Discovery of the Titanic (see above). This book is written for young adults, and explores the history and details of the Titanic.

Finding the Titanic

This edition of Robert D. Ballard's story Exploring the Titanic is an easy-to-read version for children aged 4-8.

The Titanic Coloring Book

By Peter F. Copeland. A fascinating examination of the Titanic from all aspects. Feel free to color and create your own version of the ship!

Polar the Titanic Bear

By Daisy Corning Stone Spedden. A must-read for children, this was written by a woman for her son the year after they survived the Titanic disaster. The story is narrated by the son's stuffed bear.

The Titanic (Cornerstones of Freedom)

By Deborah Kent. Solid historical description of the disaster, suitable for ages 9-12.

The Heroine of the Titanic: A Tale Both True and Otherwise of the Life of Molly Brown Vol. 1

By Newbery medalist Joan W. Blos, this is a fictionalized account of a woman who saved the lives of many Titanic passengers. Suitable for ages 4-8 and probably of interest to older readers as well.

Maiden Voyage (hardcover)
Maiden Voyage (paperback)

By Cynthia Bass. This thriller for young adults details the coming of age experiences of a young boy, trapped between childhood and adulthood on the streets of London and the deck of the Titanic.

SOS Titanic

Award-winning author Eve Bunting draws a panorama of class structure and human tragedy through the eyes of a fifteen-year-old boy sailing on the Titanic.

Survival: Titanic, April 14, 1912

By Kathleen Duey. Another historical novel, this one telling the story of two third-class children. Ages 8-12.

Terror on the Titanic (Choose Your Own Adventure)

By Jim Wallace. Live through the sinking of the Titanic, and try to survive!

Operation Titanic: A Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Supermystery

By Carolyn Keene. The famous detectives become involved in the raising of the Titanic.

Soundtrack to the movie Titanic

Soundtrack to Titanic

The CD version of the stirring soundtrack!

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