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The following, in roughly alphabetical order, is a list of links to various people and places around the 'net. Either friends, people I admire or resources, you'll find the resource here. Well, not ALL of them, just you know, the ones I'm listing.

Kristen Britain - Known affectionally as the Famous Fantasy Author, she actually lives up to the billing. Her first novel rocks, her second one is even better... the next? Knowing her talent, Kristen will continue to impress and inspire awe as long as she continues to write. And I knew her when!

Julie E. Czerneda - There are never enough words to say all that should be about this woman. READ HER, though, does come to mind.

Doranna Durgin - Wonderful writer, all around great person. Really doesn't need an introduction, other than : read her stuff.

Melanie Miller Fletcher - Well. What to say, what to say. Beyond "amazing lady" and "wicked sense of humour"? Uh, not much that can be put in public.

Lee Martindale - Beware the lady with the sharp pointy things. Like, oh say, her wit and charm.

Wen Spencer - She's got several books out - I don't know how she does it, frankly, but she pumps them out and they all are amazing! - and you should buy them.

Ruth Stuart - Don't let her fool you. She's a force to be watched and as she get's more published, I'm sure more people will be agreeing with me.

Liz Williams - Brilliant writer, brilliant individual. If nothing else, go find her books and buy them. Prolific doesn't even begin to cover her talent.

Fitzhenry & Whiteside - Publishers, these are the people behind the two anthologies that have my stories in them.


Julie E. Czerneda - her newsgroup is rather lively. As in : be warned the group can swallow a good couple of hours of your life.

Doranna Durgin - find her here among her animals and insanely busy life.

Melanie Miller Fletcher - brilliant woman, love her dearly. And at the same time... fear.

Esther Friesner - now this is a lady that knows how to have a good time. Just watch for falling hamsters.

Lee Martindale - wonderful woman, unafraid of having opinions or those of others.

Liz Williams - never failing to be entertaining, her group is often home to some of the more interesting conversations.