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Forward to January of the Year 2001...



Happy birthday to my father! Dad turns 83 today. :-)



Due to life circumstances, I've been remiss in my duty as NAW Mom, and so I missed some good NAWticisms from October and November. Darn! But I did get a whole bunch of them from December, so go check 'em out, folks, and see what kind of brilliant stuff comes from the maw of the NAW. *grin*



Some of you may have noticed the eGroups logo that had appeared on my journal and main page recently -- signifying that I now have a listserve. It is a Newsletter, to be exact.

In fact, I would like to introduce you to Veraworld, an irregular electronic Newsletter which will premiere in the end of December, to properly signify the end of one Millennium and the beginning of a new one -- both in the chronology of our civilization, and in the career of a certain Published Small Fry called Vera Nazarian. *grin*

Friends, please subscribe.

I promise you quite a juicy bit more in terms of publishing industry resources, than just an ego trip.... :-)

Meanwhile, more very interesting announcements coming soon!



After last week's sadness, lots of positive and exciting news today...

First, I got my novel LORDS OF RAINBOW rejected from a major publisher last night, but in a very complimentary way. They basically said that "another house would jump to buy it" and that "this all comes down to the mid-list problem." Basically they chickened out on taking a chance on my big fat fantasy novel.


I already have another publisher lined up, this one a small press, the same one that will be handling my short story collection DREAMS OF THE COMPASS ROSE.

And so last night I formatted about 160,000+ words worth of novel manuscript, and I e-mailed the huge RTF file containing the complete final draft of LORDS OF RAINBOW to the editor, as requested. And then today, I filled in and signed not one but TWO separate book contracts and sent them off to this publisher in question, for counter-signing. As soon as I get my contract copies back counter-signed, I will then be able to formally talk about this publisher, and get excited.... More on this later. :-)

Oh, and did I mention that DREAMS OF THE COMPASS ROSE is now over 90,000 words, and still growing?

In the other news, I now have my own original design merchandise online store, Vera Gear! This is just in time for the Holidays!

Please check out the neat mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, mousepads, and other stuff I am selling!

And then, please consider buying something from my store! Your relatives and friends would love the funky original artwork. :-) And, there are more designs coming! So keep checking back! Support your friendly Published Small Fry! :-)

By the way, if you want to set up your own online store through this same company--and I highly recommend it--please use my Store ID: nazarian for referral, okay?

Now, go and shop!



My cat Masha died yesterday, December 8, 2000, probably at the age of eight or ten. This is almost 2 weeks since we first became aware of a problem and had her hospitalized for one week. Then, she came home.

I will never forget her quiet fading gentleness, how she used to sit in the grass, warming herself in the sun, her eye-lids half shut, and the wind barely touching her short gray fur. She had such tiny little paws, and her purr was very light.... :-)



I am living in extremely interesting times.

This is another way of saying that life's been very tough lately. One of my cats Masha has been hospitalized all last week with severe kidney failure, and now she is doing reasonably okay, but just like Lisa and her cat Marshall, we have to give her fluids under the skin via IV drip, but unlike Lisa, twice a day! That's like giving a shot with a big needle twice a day. I also have to give her another shot every other day (yes, I have learned how to give shots, and I am one of those people who gets lightheaded at the sight of blood), and she gets 2 oral medications also twice a day, in addition to being on a special kidney diet. The poor kitty is in really weak shape but slightly better... and she was critical when we brought her in last Monday. We are fighting for her!

In addition to this, on Tuesday, the next day after I took the kitty in to the hospital, my car was hit by some huge piece of metal debris in the road, on my way to work on the freeway. The crap took out my headlight and some sections of the front, and there is enough damage for me to put in an insurance claim. So I am now waiting for parts to come in, and to take it in. Talk about throwing your money out! Grrrr!

And on Wednesday, I had to get off work early and hurry up to Glendale to a warehouse where we took more boxes of food and clothing for a shipment to our Russian relatives.

And all of this is happening while I am trying to finish my DREAMS OF THE COMPASS ROSE collection! I am still stuck at 1.5 unwritten stories, and the total word length as of yesterday is 88,184 words.

I really would love to lead a boring life, lord. It is my dream. I want a routine.

With a routine I can get some real work done.

Before I forget -- please go and read my story "A Time To Crawl" that is up at Every click gives me a little money, and of all times this is a time that I do need money. Thanks, friends!

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