Sailing The Eye of Sun

by Vera Nazarian

(an excerpt)

My name is Lero, and I am insane.

No, do not look askance. For I am quite lucid, and can be charming, if the wind blows from the appropriate direction and billows the sails of my ship.

It is my soul, this ship, the Eye of Sun. Together we have sailed around the Compass Rose seven times over, and have been to shores where the volcanic sand is scorched to ebony by the sun, and to others where ice gathers among grand fjords, and glassy shards float upon cold waters.

My men have grown accustomed to obeying a woman captain. They no longer favor me with questioning glances, nor do any presume to hesitate upon my orders. Those newly signed on quickly learn the rumors. For, rumor has it that it's wise to fear the look of my eyes.


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