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I love music. (Okay, who doesn't?) Almost any kind of music, ranging from Opera to hard rock/metal. Okay, so I tend to dislike the current top 40 and elevator-"Jazz" stuff, but hey, gotta stop somewhere...

Some of my top musical favorites:

I've been singing for as long as I can remember -- Russian Folk, Opera, original compositions, you name it.

At the age of 10, I got my first guitar, and taught myself to play. I have this knack for learning all kinds of musical instruments on my own, very quickly. I can therefore play anything by ear on the guitar, keyboards, harmonica, accordion. Given enough time, and a new instrument, who knows -- I can make some great noises!

I also compose, for guitar and voice and keyboards.

I suppose my "highlight" performances would include:

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Normal Conquest.     MP3.com

Yup, that's my band. I've always dreamed of doing it.... And now, as of 10-17-99, Normal Conquest has a band page up at MP3.com Homepage -- check it out here:


or, if the link above doesn't work, then here:


As of now, I am in the Pop Vocals or Celtic or New Age genre categories, but things change, so keep looking. :-)

In order to listen to mp3 format, I highly recommend MusicMatch Jukebox 4.2 software, so go and download it first.

In addition to what's up there now, I promise to have some brand new music material very soon.

Oh, and not to forget, please go and check out Kurtis Roth and Jim Bailey's Obsession Tree, two excellent music acts also up on mp3.com.

[Vera jamming in a private session at World Fantasy Con'98 in Monterey, CA.] [More of Vera jamming... Note the careful placement of the fingers...]

And here are some shots of me jamming on my Fender Strat in a private session for a bunch of friends at World Fantasy Con '98 in Monterey, CA, Halloween weekend....

Photos courtesy of Diana Rowland.

Here's a Top 10 World Traditions Chart:

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