We're a loosely connected group of writers who keep online journals and consider webrings an imperfect solution for representing who and what we are -- individuals!

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John Aegard
Tobias S. Buckell - Caribbean-born college student and all around SF writer.
Nikki Burris - Pieces of me, the writing, the babbling, the insanity.
Ron Collins - Persistent. Welcome Back!
Erin Cashier Denton - The dragoness who lands on her feet.
Linda J. Dunn - Writing is easy; you can always revise. Life is first draft.
Paula L. Fleming - Writer, animal lover, inexpert gardener, worldbeat music enthusiast.
Lazette Gifford - Obsessive writer, amateur photographer and collector of small creatures of no use (AKA cats).
Neile Graham - Les Semaines: weekly journal about the writing, reading, and listening life of a writer of speculative fiction and poetry.
Jon Hansen - If you write it, they will read.
James Hartley - Antipodean expat scribbling all over the world.
Michael J. Jasper - Another Wrecked Web Site: "I'm ahead, I'm advanced, I am the first mammal to wear pants, yeah!"
Terry Kanago - I See Invisible People.Welcome Back!
Mary Soon Lee - SF and fantasy writer, first child born on April 22, 1999.
Stephen Leigh - Curmudgeon. You have been warned.
Samantha Ling - Ling the Merciless. Welcome Back!
Vera Nazarian - A maniac herding cats.
Deb Osorio - Single mom, transplanted NYer, aspiring writer living & writing in Georgia.
Dawn Pasley - Fractured Thoughts: Writing, Wifehood, Motherhood, p/t librarian, being weird...It's just my fragmented life.
Tim Pratt - Tropism. One writer's cycle of stimulus-response.
Jenn Reese - Speculative fiction writer, occasional artist, and full-time geek.
Diana Rowland - A Dog, A Bitch, A Computer. Welcome Back!
John Trey - Hey Trey: The mumblings of a scribbler.
Greg van Eekhout - Writing in public.

On Hiatus:

Steven desJardins - Laidback intelligent, intermittently insightful, consciously unpretentious.
Caroline Austin Hazen - Veni - Vidi - Scripsi: Thoughts on writing, life, and the joys of being weird.
Eric T. Jorgensen - Computer tech, reader, writer, and a few other types of night owl.
John Savage - Hey! That's Mr. Evil Lawyer to you, even if it is redundant!
Chiara Shah - Clarion West '98 graduate, computer consultant, wife, and aspiring mother.
A. L. Sirois - Polishing the rocket.
John Sullivan
Tamela Viglione - Writer, editor, lucid dreamer, last name on the list and worth the wait. ; )

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