Attention, IRC Chatters!!!

Once upon a time, there were two blab Servers, CHAT and IRC. They were like fraternal twins -- similar yet not the same thing at all.... Here on SFF Net, we have both, and we use both!

Every Tuesday night, starting from 7:00 pm Pacific Time (10:00 pm Eastern) and till the wee hours, I host "Maniac's Night" IRC/CHAT on the SFF Net IRC server. (NOTE: We used to be on the CHAT Server, but are now primarily on the IRC Server. The CHAT Server info and settings for the telnet CHAT client, just in case, are CHAT.SFF.NET and Port 9508.) Come on down and blab with me and tons of other writer folks who hang out on SFF Net!

To joint the IRC, you can use your own IRC client or download the mIRC program from

Set your IRC client to IRC.SFF.NET and select Port 6667 or 7777. Click here for more IRC Server info.

Once you are in IRC, join the channel #Maniacs.

There is also a general IRC and CHAT schedule posted once you log in.

Or, if you are on the CHAT server instead, to find out the schedule for other days of the week, type:

/read schedule

See you all in IRC or CHAT, folks!!!

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