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DreamsnakeThe Nebula and Hugo award winning novel, based on the Nebula-winning story "Of Mist, and Grass, and Sand." (The story is Chapter 1 of the novel.)

"It's a haunting, rich, and tender novel that explores the human side of science fiction in a manner that's all too uncommon. The world it creates is vivid and fascinating, and Snake is a marvellously well realized character."

— Roger Zelazny

A splendid tale, combining the sensitivity and attention to mood of the new generation of SF writers with a gripping and well-worked-out adventure."

Publishers Weekly

"This is a book like a mountain stream — fast, clean, clear, exciting, beautiful."

— Ursula K. Le Guin

New paperback
Autographed or inscribed: $10.00 postpaid in USA

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SuperluminalLaenea Trevelyan, a starship pilot, has her heart replaced with a machine so she can survive faster-than-light travel. Orca, a diver, divides her time between starships and the Strait of Georgia, where her relatives include a family of killer whales and a group of other divers, human beings who can exist underwater, and who are, technically, at war with the United States. Radu Dracul, a colonist from the alien world Twilight, having chosen to leave his home and become a starship crew member, discovers he has abilities he never dreamed of. (Houghton Mifflin, 298 pp. Hardcover, autographed.)

Some copies of the regular trade edition have slightly scuffed covers. Collectors may prefer to pay a little extra for a mint dust jacket.

Hardcover with mint dust jacket
Autographed or inscribed: $25 postpaid in USA

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Hardcover (dust jacket may be slightly scuffed)
Autographed or inscribed: $20 postpaid in USA

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A few copies of the numbered & boxed limited first edition of Superluminal are available. These are signed and in the original shrink-wrap, but I will open and inscribe copies on request. (Limited edition.)

Limited first edition, numbered, boxed, signed
I will inscribe the book on request
$60.00 postpaid in USA

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The Exile Waiting

The rulers of the last city on earth exile Mischa (a young empath), and Jan Hikaru (an offworld poet) to the deep underground. They find a world of crystalline caverns, strange, isolated people, and rebellion. (Victor Gollancz, Ltd., 255 pp. British hardcover, autographed.)

Gollancz hardcover
Autographed or inscribed: $20 postpaid in USA

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Fireflood coverFireflood & Other Stories

Eleven stories, including "Of Mist, and Grass, and Sand," the Nebula award-winning novelet (Chapter 1 of Dreamsnake); "Fireflood," in which Dark, a genetically engineered human being who can live in the most extreme environments, fights for her right to live and work; and "Wings" and "The Mountains of Sunset, the Mountains of Dawn," in which a species of winged people escape their dying planet on spaceships that they navigate by instinct. (Houghton Mifflin, 281 pp. Hardcover, First edition, autographed.)

Hardcover, first edition
Autographed or inscribed: $25 postpaid in USA

Prices (subject to change) are in U.S. funds; books are postpaid in the USA.

Please email me for special requests, queries about foreign editions, and shipping costs outside the USA. Inquiries welcome on orders of multiple copies.

I also accept personal checks in US funds.

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