Display window for
The Moon and the Sun,
designed by Jay Herrington [75Kb]

Display Window for
The Moon and the Sun
designed by
Jay Herrington

for the
University Book Store,
Seattle, Washington


The Wonderful University Book Store

SF Manager Duane Wilkins keeps a wide range of books and periodicals in stock. Several times each year, the bookstore holds a mass sf signing with a dozen or more writers. Great fun!

The publication party for The Moon and the Sun included decorations, sparkling cider, fruit and cheese,and Dilettante Chocolate Truffles. Duane Wilkins, Judith Chandler, and Jay Herrington put on quite a celebration! A terrific time was had by all.

You can order The Moon and the Sun from the University Book Store in Seattle. It will probably be signed. (If it isn't, write to me for a bookplate.)

They discount hardcover fiction, and the shipping is free in the USA. Their toll-free number is 1-800-335-READ.

Monday September 08 2003