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In August, 2010, I started an improvisational acting troupe at Beowulf Alley Theatre in Tucson, Arizona -- Active Imagination Theatre. We create our plays during rehearsal, using nothing but improvisation and our own active imaginations. During performance, we invite all the children in the audience to join us onstage to paint rainbows, turn into kitties or pirates, or whatever we need to make believe, and the fun and improvisation run rampant. The optimum age for our audience is 4 - 8 years old, although we have a lot of photo-snapping parents in attendance. We also do birthday parties!

The photo on the right shows a scene from our December 2010 opus, ELVES GONE BAD. When Santa Claus has to lay off the elves at the North Pole, they find an old pirate ship frozen in the ice. After they thaw out Captain Shrimp, he puts the elves through Pirate Boot Camp and turns them into pirates! In a flying pirate ship pulled by reindeer, the elves go on a life of crimes, but Santa returns to thwart Captain Shrimp and save Christmas.

As one of our cast members said, “Everything is better with pirates!”

Novelist, Playwright, Actor, Director

Yes, I still write books, although not nearly as many as when I was cranking out 5 books a year, on average. My young adult fantasy romance CUPIDITY gets another release in January, 2011, as part of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, a collection of two YA novels. (Yes, I do write under the pen-name Caroline Goode.)

My first Buffy, the Vampire Slayer novel, COYOTE MOON, has been reissued in 2010 in an omnibus edition with two other Buffy books. Click on the book covers to buy from

To learn more about our shows (and to get discount tickets), click here to visit us on the web site for Beowulf Alley Theatre.
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