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It would be difficult to find a type of writing John hasn't done professionally in his forty-year career, from animated cartoons to comic books to computer manuals. In the last twenty years, he's published over sixty novels with major publishers such as Simon & Schuster and Random House, and he spent seventeen years in Los Angeles writing for television, film, and animation, such as Super Mario Brothers, He-Man, and Dennis the Menace.

His young adult fantasy novel, Cupidity (written under the name Caroline Goode), has been optioned for TV and movies by the Jim Henson Company. His adult fantasy novel, The Fabulist, has been turned into a musical for the stage, winning several awards, including the Richard Rodgers New Musical Award. His Troll King series has been launched in England and the United Kingdom, and has been translated into several foreign editions. John's 30-plus Star Trek novels have been enjoyed by Trekkies the world over.  He currently lives with his wife and two children in Tucson, Arizona. 

My Stats


Born: Marion, Ohio
           United States
Status: Married 
Residence: Tucson, Arizona
Birthday: February 14, 1951
Author of 65 published novels and nonfiction books. The Troll King series, Simon & Schuster, and The Witching Well, Random House, are examples. Check out my Bibliography above.
Playwright with four published plays and many more plays produced in Los Angeles and Tucson. See the Plays button above.
Journalist who has written literally hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles. For many years, John was a lead writer at the Hollywood Reporter in Los Angeles, and he is currently writing for the Tucson Weekly.
Nancy & I 
My wife and I at her Work Christmas Party 2010

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