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Cover: Them Bones, First HC Ed., 1989 The Texas-Israeli War: 1999 with Jake (Buddy) Saunders

Ballantine, 1974 pb, five U.S. Printings through 1986. French, Italian, Spanish editions through the years, my favourite of which is titled Israel Frappé a Dallas.

Them Bones Ace SF Specials (edited by Terry Carr) Ace, 1984, pb

Also: Mark V. Ziesing, 1989 hc (and limited in box with A Dozen Tough Jobs)

Legend (Century Hutchison) UK hc, tp and pb

Histoire D'Os ediciones Decouverte Paris 1986 pb and tp

Heyne Verlag German paid half an advance on it but never published it, 1986

Scheletari nel Mississippi Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, Italy 1985

Vain Vanhat Luut, Helsinki 1992

Forthcoming: I, John Mandeville (26 years and still counting . . .)

The Moon World

Moving Waters (a fishing novel . . .)

II. Novellas

A Dozen Tough Jobs Mark V. Ziesing, 1989 hc (and limited in box with Them Bones)

Also in:
Night of the Cooters, Legend, UK, 1991 tp

Strange Monsters of the Recent Past, Ace 1991 pb

You Could Go Home Again Cheap Street, 1993 hc (edition of 111 copies)

Also: Omni Online Neon/Visions, 1995

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