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If this appears weird, and the dates skip around, that's because they're in the order in which they were written. I have a few things to say about some of them. HW means they were collected in Howard Who?, AASM means All About Strange Monsters of the Recent Past, NOTC, Night of the Cooters. A couple of dozen of them were up for Hugos, Nebulas or World Fantasy Awards, but I'm not that vain . . . What isn't included is the hundred or so stories never published or in some kind of limbo, or retired to the Old Stories Home. . . .

   |  Howard  |

"Lunchbox" Analog, May 1972

"All About Strange Monsters of the Recent Past"

AASM Shayol # 4, volume 1, no.4, April 1981

(Was supposed to be in a couple of David Gerrold anthologies from the early to late '70s - they bit el dusto.)

"Apprenticeship" Modern Stories # 1, ed. Lewis Shiner, April 1983

"My Sweet Lady Jo" Universe 4, ed. Terry Carr, Random House 1974. SFBC 1974. Popular Library, pb 1975

"Mono No Aware" Haunt of Horror # 2, August 1973

"Custer's Last Jump" with Steven Utley, Universe 6, ed. Terry Carr, Random House, 1976

(Carr and Silverberg traded this one back and forth for four years while they kept changing publishers; Carr won)

Also: Best SF of the Year: 6th Annual Collection, ed. Gardner Dozois, Dutton, 1977

Best SF of the Year # 6, ed. Terry Carr, Holt 1977, Ballantine pb.

Der Gross Uhr, Werner Jenschke, Heyne Verlag 1977

Science Fiction A-Z, ed. Asimov, Greenberg, Waugh, Houghton-Mifflin 1981

Alternate Histories, ed. Martin H Greenberg , Garland 1986

Space Dogfights, ed. Martin H Greenberg and Charles Waugh, Ace 1992

Custer's Last Jump, Ticonderoga Publications, 1996 (edition of 200 copies)

"Even The Children Know" (o.t "Where I Lodge a Little While . . .")

with Steven Utley, Famous Monsters of Filmland # 102, August 1973

"Men of Greywater Station" with George R.R. Martin, Amazing, March 1976

Reprinted in George's second collection, Songs of Stars and Shadows, Pocket, 1977 and ever since, pb.

"Up Uranus!" (by "F.D. Wyatt") with Steven Utley and George Proctor, Adam, vol. 19 #1, June 1974

"Time and Variance" with Buddy (Jake) Saunders and Steven Utley, Vertex, vol. 2 #3, June 1974

"Crab" (o.t. "Rex and Regina")

with Steven Utley, Eternity SF, May 1975

"Sic Transit . . ." (o.t. "Willow Beeman")

with Steven Utley, Stellar #2, ed. Judy Lynn del Rey, Ballantine 1976

(The above 4 stories were written on the nocte mirablu May 1-2, 1973. All our then-wives were at a baby shower. First Utley, Proctor and I wrote "Up Uranus!". Then Buddy, Steve and I wrote "Time and Variance"; then Steven and I wrote "Crab". The shower over, Proctor and Buddy went home. Steve and I sat down and got our Lafferty story out of our system. You tell kids things like that nowadays, and they won't believe you. My portion of the take for each was $5.00, $17.50, $26.66 and $70.00.)

"A Voice and Bitter Weeping" with Buddy (Jake) Saunders, Galaxy, June 1973

(The first three chapters of what became The Texas-Israeli War: 1999, minus my part of the writing . . .)

Also: Best of Galaxy 2, Award Books, 1974

"Unsleeping Beauty and the Beast" Lone Star Universe, ed. Steven Utley & George Proctor, Heidelberg Press, Austin, 1976

(This was originally sold to Galaxy, who held it for two years without publishing or paying for it: I took it back.)

"Sun Up" with A.A. (Al) Jackson IV, Faster Than Light, ed. Jack Dann & George Zebrowski, Harper & Row, 1976, pb Ace 1982

"Mary Margaret Road-Grader" Orbit 18, ed. Damon Knight, Harper & Row 1976

HW Also: Best SF of the Year: 6th Annual Collection, ed. Gardner Dozois, Dutton, 1977

"Black as the Pit, From Pole to Pole" with Steven Utley, New Dimensions 7, ed. Robert Silverberg, Harper& Row 1977

Also: Year's Finest Fantasy, ed. Terry Car, Berkley Putnam 1978

Best SF of the Year: 7th Annual Collection, ed. Gardner Dozois, Dutton, 1978

"Save A Place in the Lifeboat for Me." Nickelodeon #2, September 1976


"Adventures of the Grinder's Whistle" (by Sir Edward Malone)

NOTC Chacal #2, September 1976

"Dr. Hudson's Secret Gorilla" Shayol #1, November 1977

HW Also: Rivals of King Kong, ed. Michel Parry, Corgi UK 1977 (French, Turkish, German, Japanese editions since)

"Der Untergang des Abendlandeschmenschen" Chacal # 1, 1976

HW Also: Mammoth Book of Vampires, ed. Stephen Jones, Carrol & Graf, 1992 tp

Comic-book adaptation, System Shock, forthcoming.

"Billy Big-Eyes" The Berkley Showcase, ed. Victoria Schochet & John Silbersack, Berkley 1980 pb

(Originally sold to Biogenesis, ed. George Zebrowski, Unity Press, 1978-the publisher went under.)

"C'thulablanca and other lost screenplays: Moamrath in Hollywood"

MidAmericon Program Book, ed. Tom Reamy, 1976

Also: Shaggy B.E.M. Stories: an anthology of Science Fiction Paraodies, ed. Michael Resnick, Nolacon II, 1988.

"Horror, We Got" Shayol #3, Summer 1979


"The Ugly Chickens" Universe 10, ed. Terry Carr, Doubleday 1980

HW Also: Dream's Edge, ed. Terry Carr, Sierra Club 1980

1981 Annual Year's Best SF, ed. Donald Wollheim, DAW 1981

Best SF of the Year #10, ed. Terry Carr, Pocket 1981

Best SF of the Year: 10th Annual Collection, ed. Gardner Dozois, Dutton 1981

Nebula Award Stories, 16 ed. Jerry Pournelle, Holt 1981

Best of Universe, ed. Terry Carr, Doubleday 1982

Hayakawa's SF Magazine

Vokrug Sveta Magazine, Moscow, June 1989

Hayakawa's Best SF of the Eighties, 1992

The Legend Book of Science Fiction, ed. Gardner Dozois, UK 1992

"Green Brother" Shayol #5, April 1982

HW Also: Dinosaurs! ed. Dann & Dozois, Ace 1990

Hayakawa's SF Magazine, August 1993

Weird Business, graphic story hardback ed. Joe Lansdale, Rick Klaw, Ben Ostrander, Mojo Press 1995-adaptation by Steven Utley, art by John Lucas.

"In the Shubbi Arms" with Steven Utley, Galaxy, August 1980 (the last issue-we killed it.)

". . . the World, As We Know't" Shayol #6, December 1982

HW Also: The Norton Book of Science Fiction ed. Ursula K Le Guin & Brian Atteberry, Norton, 1993

"Flying Saucer Rock and Roll" Omni, January 1985

AASM Also: The Year's Best SF: Third Annual Collection, ed. Gardner Dozois, Bluejay 1987

13 Phantastichen Rockstories, Fantasy Prods. Germany (never appeared)

Omni SF 7, Zebra 1990 pb

(Originally sold to Marta Randall's New Dimensions 13, 1980-Pocket Books pulled it after review copies went out.)

"Ike at the Mike" Omni, June 1982

HW Also: Best of Omni SF #1, ed. Ellen Datlow, Zebra 1984

13 Phantastichen Rockstories, Fantasy Prods. Germany (never appeared)

One-act play adaptation, Minicon 1991 (by the Johnsons) (I charged them $10 and gave my agent a buck)

Elvis Rising, ed. Kay Sloan & Constance Pierece, Avon 1993 tp

Mondo Elvis, ed. Richard Peabody & Lucinda Ebersole, St. Martins Press 1994 tp

"God's Hooks" Universe 12, ed. Terry Carr Doubleday 1982, hc,

HW Zebra 1983 pb

Also: Bestiary!, ed. Dann & Dozois, Ace 1986

The One That Got Away, ed. Greenberg & Waugh, Bonanza Books 1989

Modern Classics of Fantasy, ed. Gardner Dozois, St Martins 1996

"Man-Mountain Gentian" Omni, September 1983

HW Also: The Year's Best SF: First Annual Collection, ed. Gardner Dozois, Bluejay 1984

Omni Book of Science Fiction #5, ed. Ellen Datlow, Zebra 1987

Hayakawa's SF Magazine (trans. Yoshio Kobayashi), April 1990

"Heirs of the Perisphere" Playboy, July 1985

HW Also: Nebula Awards 21, ed. George Zebrowski, HBJ 1987

SF Yearbook, Moewig Verlag, Germany 1988

"Helpless, Helpless" Light Years and Dark, ed. Michael Bishop, Berkley 1984 tp


"What Makes Heironymous Run?" Shayol #7, (volume 3, no.1), 1985 (I killed it, too)


"Fair Game" Afterlives, ed. Pamela Sargent & Ian Watson, Vintage (Random House) 1986

AASM tp. French, German, Italian editions.

Also: The Year's Best SF: 4th Annual Collection, ed. Gardner Dozois, St Martins 1987

Univers 1988, Editions Jai Lu Paris 1988, as "L'homme sauvage"

Paragons, ed. Robin Wilson, St Martins

"The Lions Are Asleep This Night" Omni, August 1986

AASM Also: 1987 Annual World's Best SF, ed. Donald Wollheim, Daw 1987

Future Earths: Under African Skies, eds. M. Resnick & G. Dozois, Daw 1993

"Night of the Cooters" Omni, April 1987

NOTC Also: Year's Best SF: 5th Annual Collection, ed. Dozois St Martins 1988

Dramatization, audio cassette, radio play, Shockwave Theater, Minneapolis MN, April 17, 1992 (adapt. by Jerry Stearns)

Invaders! ed. Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois, Ace 1994

War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches, ed. K. Anderson, Bantam Spectra 1996 hc

"Thirty Minutes Over Broadway!" Wild Cards 1 ed. George RR Martin, Bantam 1987 pb, SFBC

NOTC hc, editions all over the world.

Also: Orbit Science Fiction Yearbook, ed, David Garnett, Orbit 1987

"He-we-Await" original to All About Strange Monsters Of The Recent Past

AASM Also: Asimov's SF Magazine, Mid-December 1987

Year's Best Horror Stories (audio cassette) Decirum Prods (ed. Card & Greenberg) paid for, never produced 1988

Transcendental Tales from Asimov's, ed. Gardner Dozois, Donning/Starblaze 1989

"French Scenes" Synergy 2 ed. George Zebrowski HBJ 1988

NOTC Also: Orbit Science Fiction Yearbook # 2, ed. David Garnett UK 1989

The Gonzo Tapes (me reading) Scorpio Prods. 1992

"Wild, Wild Horses" Omni, June 1988

NOTC Also: Horses! ed. Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois, Ace 1994

"Do Ya, Do Ya Wanna Dance?" Asimov's SF Magazine, August 1988

NOTC Also: The Year's Best SF: 6th Annual Collection, ed. Gardner Dozois, St Martins 1989

Asimov's SF Lite, ed. Gardner Dozois, Ace 1993

"Hoover's Men" Omni, October 1988

NOTC Also: Omni Visions I, ed. Ellen Datlow, Omni Books 1993

"Passing of the Western" Razored Saddles, ed. Joe Lansdale & Pat Lobrutto, Dark
NOTC Harvest 1989 hc (& ltd), Avon pb 1990

Also: The Gonzo Tapes (me reading) Scorpio Prods. 1992

"Fin de Cyclé" original to Night Of The Cooters

NOTC Also: Asimov's SF Magazine, Mid-December 1991

"Why Did?" Omni, April 1994

(This was originally sold in 1989; I replaced it with "The Effects of Alienation" and pulled WD?, rewrote it and resold it in 1993-Thanks, Ellen)

"The Effects of Alienation" Omni, October 1992

"Occam's Ducks" Omni, February 1995

"The Sawing Boys" Black Thorn, White Rose, ed. Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling,
William Morrow 1994 hc, Avon 1995 pb

Also: Year's Best SF: 12th Annual Collection, ed. Gardner Dozois, St Martins 1995

"Household Words; Or, The Powers-That-Be"

Amazing, Winter 1994 (after 68 years, I killed it)

Also: Christmas Magic ed. David Hartwell, Tor 1994 pb

"Flatfeet!" Asimov's, February 1996

"El Castillo De La Perseverancia" Baltimore World Fantasy Convention Book, October 1995

Also: Asimov's (forthcoming)

"The Heart of Whitenesse" New Worlds, White Wolf, August 1997 (forthcoming)

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