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A few words of explanation are in order . . .

So I'm sitting around, minding my own business, when I get an email from an old friend with whom I once committed literature (no chortling please, there are children up at this hour).

Said friend, the inimitable Holly Lisle, informed me that copyrights to a number of her novels have reverted to her. Included amongst their august number was a collaboration of ours (hint, you can see the title just above), and would I be interested in rereleasing this peerless poetic as an ebook?

After several heartfelt sighs, and a quick explanation ("Ebook? What's that? A referendum on the loneliness of the common vowel?"), I said in my best Curley Joe voice, "Soitenly!" And so, here we are. Feel free to blame her, since it really is all her fault.

The picture to your left acts as a hyperlink to Amazon where one can purchase this fine work of literary pulchritude either in trade paperback form or as an ebook for the Kindle. To make one's purchase for the Nook (this mostly for my wife), click here.

And if you have an iPad, copies are available at the iBookstore.