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I write and sell science fiction, fantasy, and horror short stories and screenplays.

I've written some mainstream or "literary" stories, but haven't found an editor to buy those yet. I've come really close, though! I also write genre screenplays, both feature length and short scripts. I've done well in some contests with my fiction and my screenplays. My work has appeared in magazines and theme anthologies, and was chosen for The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror: 13th Edition (editors: Datlow & Windling). Producers have read my scripts, but no options yet. Yet!

And, of course, I'm working on the obligatory novel, and actually have an editor and an agent interested. Hopefully I make the shift to longer fiction RSN (real soon now).

What you're reading is an old mini version of the first multi-page web page I created and produced to promote my writing, my teaching (fiction), my art/design work, my web page design, and other things. This was created way back in 1997, before most writers knew you could make a website for yourself. Oh, how we've all grown since then! Please come have the full Wendy experience by clicking on my own URL, http://www.wendy-wheeler.com. And thanks very much for your interest!


Book Icon Well, okay, since you're here, there is this list of my fiction that has found a home in someone's magazine. Thanks very much to all the editors who read and accepted my work! Especially to the ones who've paid well and promptly (getting money to make up stuff is fun!). Go see this oh-so-impressive list. :-)

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