Copyright 1991 by Don Wismer
First printing February, 1991
Riverdale, New York: Baen Books
ISBN 0-671-72040-6
Cover art by Debbie Hughes
Posted here by permission of Baen Books
This is actually the second science fiction book I wrote, after Starluck. I rewrote about half of it in order to get away from the Han Solo type of hero; my guy is more a blundering, sniveling coward. The story takes place in the far future and involves a clash between a long lost human civilization in the globular cluster, the Polar Cloud, and the Outer Archipelago, a 40,000 world extension of the main Milky Way galaxy. The Whole is a matriarcal civilization whose women have psi powers, and the Cloud wants nothing to do with them. The book is out-of-print and available only from the used book marketplace.