Readers have asked how they might get copies of my books signed or even personalized even though our paths may not cross at a book signing or a conventions.  With the following caveats, for a limited time I will sign and personalize copies of any of my books sent to me at the following address:

Wm. Mark Simmons
1009 Lenox Ave
Hutchinson, KS 67502

The requirements are: (1) All packaging, forward and back, is the responsibility of the sender, (2) All postage, forward and back, is the responsibility of the sender, (3) any protection, padding and/or insurance, is the responsibility of the sender, (4) please enclose $1.00 per package (not per book) for handling--this is not the same as postage--the packages will have to be picked up, transported, opened, resealed with changed addresses, and toted back to the post office window (or other shipping office) for example, (5) please include any information regarding names or personalizations you might desire and personal contact information if there are any questions I might have.

Remember sufficient return postage is the sender's responsibility.


A listing of my novels in the order of publication with a brief description and a link to additional information, excerpts, reviews, and ordering info.


IN THE NET OF DREAMS (1990) - The first book in the Dreamland Chronicles trilogy, LOCUS Magazine Best List 1990 "First Novel" Category, finalist for the Compton Crook Award.

Dreamland is the ultimate fantasy role-playing experience.  "Dreamwalkers" inhabit computer generated avatars in virtual worlds while their flesh and blood bodies sleep in life support pods called cradles.  If an avatar is killed by The Black Knight or Billy the Kid, the worst that would happen is the dreamwalker wakes in his or her own body and must create a new dream body to start over.

Until now.

A glitch in the program is turning game deaths into real deaths.  The computer won't release the surviving dreamwalkers from the program.  Everyone's best hope is Robert R. Ripley, author of the books on which the original program was based. 

But Ripley has been at odds with Cephtronics for years over the morality of creating artificial intelligences for games that essentually set them up to be enslaved and even murdered.  Entering a deathtrap--even one populated with elves baking cookies in hollow trees and werebears who hate forest fires--is not an appealing prospect.  And, in order to debug the program and rescue hundreds of imperiled dreamwalkers, he must face one of the most daunting antagonists in the Dreamland universe: his ex-wife!


WHEN DREAMS COLLIDE (1992) - Second book on the Dreamland Chronicles trilogy. 

It seems the trapped dreamwalkers weren't the only inhabitants freed from the virtual programworlds in the Dreamland complex.  When the evidence mounts that psychotic Artificial Ego and Superego of the Dreamland supercomputer have escaped in the bodies of the leaders of the real world's rival superpowers, Ripley must figure out how to get them back into the program and restore their original psyche-files before World War III begins.  That is, once he figures out how to deal with a computer virus that has split him into multiple copies and leaves eveyone wondering which one is the real Ripley and which are memor-X.

DREAMLAND CHONICLES (2002) - Omnibus edition of the Dreamland's Trilogy, including re-edited editions of IN THE NET OF DREAMS and WHEN DREAMS COLLIDE, as well as the previously unreleased THE WOMAN OF HIS DREAMS.

Unknowingly infected with half the combinant viral strain that transforms the living into the undead, Christopher Csejthe is in a state of suspended transition, neither alive nor truly undead, and has caught the attention of vampires, werewolves, and witches, who want to destroy him or enlist him to their own nefarious ends.



A year ago, Chris Csejthe (pronounced "Chay-tay") was completely human--then a blood transfusion with the Lord of the Undead changed everything. Now he is a hunted man, sought by human and vampire alike for the secrets he knows and the powers that his mutated blood may bestow. So far he's dodged undead assassins, werewolves, a 6,000-year-old Egyptian necromancer, and Vlad Dracula himself. But now he's really got problems. The dead are turning up on his doorstep after dark to ask for justice and the police want to know where all those corpses are coming from. Undead terrorists are testing a doomsday virus on his new hometown and he's caught in the crossfire between a white supremacist militia and the resurrected Civil War dead. His werewolf lover, jealous of his dead wife's ghost, has left him. And the centuries-old and still very beautiful (and very deadly) Countess Bathory is determined to have his uniquely transformed blood for her own dark purposes. Now, more than ever, life sucks!


Two years ago Christopher Csejthe survived a blood transfusion with a vampire only to discover that he was infected with one of the two viruses that transform the living into the undead. Since then he has survived his wits as men, monsters, and government agencies have hunted him for his mutated blood. His personal life is almost as troublesome as the assassins turning up in ever increasing numbers: his bodyguard is a sexy vampire, his jealous werewolf lover can't abide his touch after a silver bullet poisons his blood, and the ghost of his dead wife is still hanging around. Someone is sending him grotesque messages in the form of dismembered body parts that are still alive! Then, an assassin's bullet knocks Csejthe out of his body and into the afterlife to meet an evil spawned in Nazi Germany. An evil kept alive through genetic manipulation and nanotechnology and waiting only for Csejthe's blood to overcome the last hurdle to immortality!

DEAD EASY (2007)

What do you get when you mix a squid-headed Ancient One, a mystical force-five hurricane, Rasputin’s privates, the city of New Orleans, and an undead Captain Nemo?  Christopher Cséjthe, the reluctant hero stuck halfway between being undead and alive, is back, and is going to find out, whether he wants to or not. But now he’s in for an underwater Mardi Gras of epic proportions complete with an army of drowned vampire zombies. Not to mention a Lovecraftian take on Gidget and The Creature From The Black Lagoon. Many brave hearts are asleep in the deep, and Christopher may be about to join them. . . . 

PATHFINDER (2007) - a series in novella form

Set in a post apocalyptic world, the greatest threat to humanity's survival isn't radiation, plague, or starvation.  Specialized mutations to brain chemestry have produced a spectrum of mental gifts--and curses--that will either lead to humankind's resurrection and renewal or its final destruction.


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