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    Resources for Writers & Publishers

Skiffy's got a lot to learn about publishing! SFF Net has an extraordinary range of resources for all types of professionals in the publishing field. Whether you're a new author looking to refine your work, a seasoned veteran looking to expand your profits, or a publishing pro wanting to keep abreast of the market, you'll find extremely useful industry information and contacts. Here are some of the ways SFF Net can help:

It's Who You Know

Did you ever wish you knew someone in the business? SFF Net is home to hundreds of working authors, editors, and publishers, most of whom are willing to share their extensive knowlege and experience. SFF Net gives you many ways to get to know and interact with them.

Want to join in and have your own People Page, newsgroup, or hosted domain? How about having a virtually spam-free email address with the cachet & and market recognition of being an SFF Net member? Check out our Membership Plans pages to see how SFF Net can increase your visibility on the web. SFF Net offers special membership rates for industry professionals.

Books by SFF Net members

SFF Net provides free listings of books written by its members. The lists are popular with SFF Net visitors and widely referenced. If you're interested in having your work included, log in here with your SFF Net username and password and provide us information about your books. A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I

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Listed Alphabetically by Last Name

Do you have out-of-print or special editions you want to sell?

Basement Full Of Books is one of SFF Net's most popular destinations. You can add your books to BFOB's list and find those buyers you've been looking for.

Writing Workshops and Critique Groups

SFF Net is a gateway to a number of highly-regarded writing workshops. Private and public online critique groups are also active in the newsgroups. Here are some of the more active ones:

Newsgroups on Writing and Publishing

In addition to the People newsgroups, SFF Net has a number of newsgroups dedicated to discussing the business of writing and publishing. If you don't find a group talking about what you're interested in, start one!

Professional Organizations and Useful Sites

SFF Net is the online home of many organizations related to the business of writing and publishing. Here are some you should be familiar with:

Other resources

Need to find an agent, publishing contact, or other web sites of interest? SFF Net has one of the most extensive collection of links to genre-related sites and resources you'll find anywhere on the 'net. Feel free to add yourself to the index, or recommend any great sites that you've found!


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