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    BFoB Submission Guidelines

How to Submit

Read this entire page, then fill out the Submission Form. Your submission will show up in the list after we've reviewed it. This normally takes 1-2 days.

How to Edit an Existing Entry

Look up your existing entry, copy off the text, make whatever changes you want, then paste it into the Submission Form. When we approve your new entry, it will replace your old one.

How to Remove an Existing Entry

Send us a note using the Feedback Form and ask to have your entry yanked.

Rule 1: Include Contact Information

We highly recommend that you include your email address in your submission, so potential readers can contact you. This is also how we contact you if there is a problem with your submission. If you don't include an email address and your entry is unacceptable for some reason, we'll just delete it and you'll never know why.

Submission Guidelines

Listings are by author's name. Entries are limited to whatever you can squeeze into a single text file (per author), up to 64K. Content at your discretion. We don't proofread, censor, spell-check, or otherwise limit you. We do ask that you be considerate of the other authors, and remember that the list gets distributed very widely. If you target a "family" audience when you write your entry, you'll do just fine.

Any author is welcome to submit an entry to BFoB. There is no charge for this service, but there are a few restrictions:

  1. You must provide contact information so readers can get in touch with you directly;

  2. Only private individuals may be listed -- no publishers, resellers, distributors, or corporations;

  3. You must be advertising a physical book of some sort -- a novel, a chapbook, a coffee-table picture book, a leaflet, etc. -- something on paper;

  4. You must be selling the book. This is not a place to list books your publisher or reseller has available! If the book is available in stores too, that's fine, but BFoB is for books you are selling.
Any submission that fails to meet these guidelines will be deleted without ever appearing in the list, so please don't waste your time or ours. We reserve the right to remove listings that generate complaints; we also reserve the right to discontinue this service at any time without notice.

Copyrights and Distribution

Your entry in BFoB becomes the property of SFF Net. SFF Net may distribute the text of your entry, along with everyone else's, in a variety of ways, including FTP, Web, email, books, and the occasional CD-ROM. By submitting an entry, you are explicitly assigning all copyrights to the text of your entry to SFF Net. When you remove your entry from BFoB, we will stop distributing it, and rights will revert to you. However, we cannot recall any distributions of BFoB already extant. Copyrights to the works you mention in your entry are of course unaffected by any of this.

SFF Net reserves the compilation copyright on the BFoB list itself. BFoB may not be reproduced or redistributed without SFF Net's written permission.

Frequently-Asked Questions about Formatting & Content


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