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    Important SFF Net Announcement

Dear SFF Netters,

We are sad to announce that, after 20 years, SFF Net is going offline. Although the reasons are prosaic (increasing costs, diminishing revenue), our deep regret is that we will be unable to continue serving our loyal friends. SFF Net has, at the core, been about online friendships, shared interests, and shared lives. We deeply appreciate each of you whoíve joined us (and stuck with us) over the years. We will be taking services offline on March 31, 2017.

Donít panic.

We will be posting updates/changes in the Announcements Newsgroup and our Twitter feed.

You may ask questions in the Helpdesk newsgroup Or by email to support@sff.net

Please be aware this will be an extraordinarily busy period for us, so it may take some time for us to respond. Donít panic, weíll get all of your questions sorted. We wonít leave you stranded.

Jeffry Dwight
Steve Ratzlaff


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