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Frequently-Asked Questions

Skiffy, the SFF Net Wizard Here are the most frequently-asked questions (FAQs) that we get. Most of this information is covered elsewhere in the help pages, but we've pulled it together for you in one spot.

  1. SFF Net Email Requirements
  2. Common Email Errors
  3. Why do I get a bounce message from an email I never sent?
  4. I'm not getting email I'm sure I should be getting. Why not?
  5. Why does email I whitelist keep getting caught by the spam filter?
  6. Does SFF Net do WordPress?
  7. How do I enable SMTP authentication?
  8. How do I get mail from mailing list x?
  9. What is the server name and port
  10. How do I get a personal newsgroup in the sff.people hierarchy?
  11. How can I search the newsgroup archives?
  12. How do I fix my totcnt page counter?
  13. Does Jeffry ever sleep?


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