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Other Functions

    WebMail gives you access to several other useful features and tools. You get to these options by clicking the Options link on the WebMail toolbar. Note that some of the options are only visible if you have special permissions (such as Mailing List Administration).

    Change Password
    Clicking this link will take you to the Change SFF Net Password screen. You will need to know your username and current SFF Net password in order to gain access to the page. Once these, simply follow the instructions.

    Change Password

    Join or Leave Mailing Lists
    SFF Net hosts a number of special-interest mailing lists to which you can subscribe. To see a list of available lists, click the Join or Leave Mailing Lists link on the WebMail Options page. You'll be presented with a short description of each list, who is moderating the list, and a link to subscribe (or unsubscribe).

    Some lists have special restrictions on who is allowed to send to the list, and some require Moderator approval to join. Please pay attention to any special instructions you receive when you subscribe, and spend some time reading the list and getting a feel for the "atmosphere" before diving in to send. Mailing lists, like any discussion group, are a community and have their own sense of what's appropriate. You'll have a more enjoyable experience if you scope out the territory first.

    Mailing List Administration
    This function is only available to those who have been designated as list administrators by SFF Net. If you're interested in subscribing to a mailing list, click the Join or Leave Mailing Lists link on the WebMail toolbar.

    With this control panel, list administrators can control the configuration and setup of their mailing list. When you first connect to the control panel, you'll see a drop-down box with the names of all lists to which you are authorized as administrator. Select the list you want and click the Edit button to view the list details.

Mailing List Administration

    • Friendly name
      This is the name that is used to identify your list, and will show on the list of mailing lists that users can pick from to subscribe to.

    • Description
      This is the description that appears along with the friendly name on the pick list.

    • Moderator
      This is the email address of the person designated to be the moderator of the list.

    • Authorized Senders
      This is a list of email addresses separated by commas. If you have Authorized Senders Only selected in the Who can send drop-down list, only people on this list can send to the list.

    • Who can send
      Use this drop-down list to select who is authorized to send to your list.

    • Sender must authenticate
      Check this box if you want to require senders to authenticate with the SFF Net SMTP server when sending to the list. You should only check this box if you are certain that all your list members are SFF Net members and using an SFF Net email return address.

    • Moderator controls join
      Check this box if you want the Moderator to approve applications to subscribe to the list before access. The moderator will receive and email notication of subscription requests which must be approved or denied. If this box is unchecked, anyone who subscribes will automatically be added to the list without the moderator's intervention.

    • Custom Welcome Message
      This is the message that will be included in the welcome email to approved subscribers along with basic instructions on reading, sending, and unsubscribing from the list.

    Domain Aliases
    This function is available only to owners of a virtual or corporate domain hosted by SFF Net. See the Personal and Commercial Domain instructions for details on controlling Domain Aliases.

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