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Do you enjoy historical novels with a faith element? I certainly do; that's the reason I write them. I love transporting readers to earlier times and telling stories of the healing power of love.

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What's New?

Did you ever receive a letter that changed your life? That's exactly happens to the four women whose stories are told in Sincerely Yours.

This is Revell's first novella collection, and I'm absolutely delighted to be part of it, especially since the other authors include New York Times bestseller Jane Kirkpatrick and popular authors Ann Shorey and Laurie Alice Eakes. We've even given the book its very own Facebook page.

I call this book a smorgasbord, since each of our stories is set in a different part of the United States and in a different era. Like a smorgasbord, it gives you a chance to sample different authors, locations and times.

My story, "One Little Word," features an heiress who will lose her family's fortune if she doesn't marry the right man, and the right man is most definitely not a carousel carver. Or is it?

I had so much fun doing research about carousels that I wanted to share some of what I've learned. You'll find pictures on all the related pages, and three special blogs.

To learn more about Sincerely Yours click here.

Happy reading!

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