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Graham P. Collins

Kiwi, editor, science writer, occasional fiction writer, webmaster.

Science Writing & Editing

I'm on the Board of Editors at Scientific American, where I edit and write feature articles and also write news pieces and the other odd piece or two. You can find more info about my science writing and editing at my NASW Web site,


Since September 2000 I've been the Webmaster for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA). Most of the credit for the amazing range of information and the general high quality of the site lies with my predecessor, Melisa Michaels, and the cadre of volunteers who do most of the work.


Buses, triceratops, penises, and walks in the dark. You can find it all here.


 If you're interested in New Zealand, my home country, you should check out this collection of links to pages about New Zealand, including a NZ guidebook, sources of news and news commentary, and "volcano cam"s -- cameras watching the volcanically active Mt. Ruapehu.

Some Friends' Pages

With friends like these, who needs TV sitcoms?

News Group

I used to have a topic in the SFRT (Science Fiction RoundTable) on GEnie, but I've long since abandoned that sinking ship. Er, that scuttled ship. These days my home on the net is here on the SFF news server, I have a newsgroup there, sff.people.gpc, and I hope it will serve as a kind of reincarnation of my topic from GEnie.

Those links should take you to the final message in the group, no matter what (hah!) via a nifty service called WebNews. It's possible (but I don't guarantee it) that you can also look at my newsgroup using your browser's newsreading capability, by going to news:// Of course the best way to read newsgroups is to get a dedicated newsreading program such as Free Agent.


There are two servers set up for realtime chat with people on SFF-Net, but these days I only use the IRC server, so it's all that I'll describe. You'll need an IRC client -- mIRC seems to be a good one for PCs. Point your IRC client at, port 6667. You can also use port 7777, which is particularly handy for AOL users. People typically gather in the "lobby" channel, maniacs in "Maniacs", and demonic creatures in channel 666.

The best times for catching me in chat are:

     Session                  EST            GMT          NZDT

 Blood Groove ........... Thu 11:00 pm   Fri 4:00 am   Fri 5:00 pm
 Back Porch ............. Sat 10:00 pm   Sun 3:00 am   Sun 4:00 pm

(last revised, 23 December 2003)


My "home" e-mail address is   gpcx@xsffx.xnetx

Don't send me spam.

E-mail sent to the following addresses will not reach me anymore (partial list):

Rants and Essays

Just what the header says:

  1. Rant: Science versus art
  2. Summary essay: The August 1996 news that Martian fossils may have been found

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