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Update 5/13/2001:

For those of you who have been patiently checking this site for some time, good news! I've obtained server space that will eventually enable me to automate enough of the process where I can possibly accomplish what I originally intended with this site before the workload became too much. Right now, there's a holder page at http://www.sfroundup.com/.

I've also taken on the task of editing a fantasy fiction webzine that will be loosely connected to the new site (http://www.elysianfiction.com/). When both are up and running, I think there will be a nice synergy between the sites that will make this a place to visit on a regular basis.

Thank you for being here to see this note after all this time.
Jim Bailey

Short Fiction Roundup

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First Word (What's happened, what's new, and what's coming up.)

Welcome to Short Fiction Roundup, my little addition to the online Science-Fiction / Fantasy community. My obsession with short stories started with a stack of digests on a table at a charity used-book sale, and has now led to this set of pages. I hope that I've put together a useful and fun site for you.

The meat of SF Roundup is the listings. I subscribe to many, many magazines, and with supplemental information from visitors, I've put together a fairly complete list of new publications with original short fiction. I've started with stories that were published in 1996, and my plan is to keep a three-year cycle of information posted for reference on what's currently happening in the field.

There are two main lists: the publications from a given year (magazines and anthologies), and an author index for each year. Both lists link into a series of pages, one for each publication, that has the table of contents for the fiction appearing within. Below the contents is a series of locations for each story.

These are for the second big reason why I've created these pages. I want you to tell us what you think about the story. I don't expect full-blown critiques, though they're certainly welcome, I just want your opinion -- good, bad, or indifferent. This is your chance to point out a hidden gem, to give a writer a virtual pat on the back for a job well done, a character well realized, an idea fresh and new. With over 900 stories listed for 1996 alone, there's room for plenty of opinions, so let us have 'em!

In addition, I include other features that I hope will be valuable to lovers of short fiction. I've hotlinked as many author / editor / publication web sites as I can find, usually directly off of the main lists. In this way I'm trying to provide a context to any browsing you wish to do. I also have the ubiquitous link page with sites that pertain in some way to the SF/F short fiction world.

Also in this new incarnation of Short Fiction Roundup, I'm going to try to develop some features that you may find interesting. Editorials by me (and others) about the field, articles of interest, interviews and profiles of people in the business -- basically, anything I can scrounge up for you.

A big part of the success of this site will depend on you, my visitors, so I fiercely encourage feedback. I also need those story comments, as well as information about any publications I have missed, so please see my guidelines to find out what I need. And with your help, maybe this site will not only be useful and interesting, but also fun.

Jim Bailey (jbailey@sff.net)

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Short Fiction Lists:

1996 Publications // 1996 Short Story Author Index // 1997 Hugo Nominations
(Currently listing 1055 Titles by 684 Authors with 89 Home Pages.)

1997 Publications // 1997 Short Story Author Index
(Currently listing 586 Titles by 412 Authors with 38 Home Pages.)

1998 Publications // 1998 Short Story Author Index
(Currently listing 0 Titles by 0 Authors with 0 Home Pages.)

1999 Publications // 1999 Short Story Author Index
(Currently listing 0 Titles by 0 Authors with 0 Home Pages.)

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Message Guidelines:

Story Comments: Absolutely anything at all is welcome, from a short one-line comment to full-blown literary critiques. With over a thousand titles listed so far, the more the merrier. I favor positive comments myself (easy enough to just ignore bad stories), but I won't shy away from posting critical views. I will, however, draw the line at what I feel are personal attacks (completely at my discretion).

Please keep in mind that I have to post story comments with the particular story they belong to. Identifying publication, issue, author and title somewhere helps me out a lot. I also need clear divisions between story reviews in the same publication. There's a "misc" section at the bottom of each page for general comments about the magazine issue or anthology.

Publication Info: I can't possibly include everything available based on my own resources, so any leads you can give me are invaluable.

For magazines, they need to be professional or semi-pro publications (essentially that they pay writers more than 1 cent/word). I just don't have time to keep up with small-press magazines, I'm sorry. For each issue, I need the date, issue # if available, and the list of stories/authors in table-of-contents order. If the magazine makes note of the length (i.e. novella, novelette, or short story), pass that along also. Unfortunately in many cases, I won't have this information, so sorting the stories by length from my list, say for award purposes, isn't practical. Optional, but a big bonus, is any subscription or submission information you can pass along. Also please tag reprint stories as such.

For anthologies, they need to be largely original (no or few reprints). I need the antho title, name(s) of the editor(s), publisher, ISBN #, price (if available), and again, the stories/authors in ToC order. If there are any reprints, please indicate them for me (you can usually tell by looking in the front of the book and comparing the story copyright date against the book's copyright date). If you find an odd original story in a reprint anthology or collection, let me know and I'll figure out a way of adding it to my list somehow.

Electronic publications. I haven't figured out how I want to handle these yet, but I do know I would only include those paying pro rates for stories (more than 3 cents/word) since the field is so new. In this case, I think I will need to be spoon-fed the information because I don't have time, or will forget, to search out updates to these.

Articles: I'm looking for anything that might be of interest to readers of SF/Fantasy short stories. Op-ed pieces, event reporting, author/editor interviews, magazine/antho profiles, whatever. The pay is lousy (nothing) so I don't really expect my door to be beaten down.

It can be fun, though, and I can offer the small currency of promotion -- hotlinks, copious mentions of books/magazines/trinkets for sale. After all, this whole site is my way of thanking the people who have given me pleasure with their stories and publications, to promote what I enjoy so others can partake of it.

If you have an idea, e-mail a query to the address pasted elsewhere. And if you're an editor or writer looking for some shameless self-promo, by all means let me know! I can do a pretty decent interview and make it all sound like it was my idea in the first place.

Chatter: This is my page for visitor feedback -- the letter column. Feel free to let me know what you think of anything at all about this site and what I've done with it. Anything goes here, including thoughts on the field that you may have, but don't wish to do up as a whole article/editorial.

ID: I like to use names on the posts I add to these pages, so if it appears somewhere on your e-mail, I'll use it. If not, I'll identify you solely by your address (spamblocker included). If I have your name, I will only include your address if it's in your signature. I'll also include a personal web link and hotlink it for you if it's in your sig. Otherwise, sig files get stripped unless they are short and relevent (my discretion). These are my defaults, but the ultimate choice is yours. Please let me know if I got it wrong, and I'll change it to what you like ASAP.

Interference: I generally post comments as is. If I ever have to do more editing other than simple spelling/grammar corrections, I'll let you know first. I have power of Last Word, though I don't think I'll use it very often. If I comment directly on a post, my words will be double-bracketed and italicized [[like this]].

If you ever have a complaint about my service, I'll do my best to give it an airing on the Chatter page. I hope not, but I'm human, and mistakes are bound to happen.

Questions: Finally, if you have any questions about all of this, don't hesitate to drop me a line at jbailey@sff.net. I'd rather clear things up so you feel comfortable participating instead of sitting on the sidelines (though lurking is perfectly acceptable).

Now enough of this boring minutia -- go wander about, and remember to have fun!

Jim Bailey

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