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Time to do a little front page clean-up again.

A few new things have been added. A few things have been removed. As for the books and stories no longer listed on the this page, just check out my bibliography page because they will be there.

So read, Enjoy. And as my editor Selina Rosen at Yard Dog Press is fond of saying...


Hey, writers have to make a living somehow. :-)


Hag of the Wind is a new tale set in the world of Ginny Ni'Cooley and her somewhat inebriated spirit mentor, Manus MacGreeley. Scheduled for ebook release on October 28th from Eggplant Literary Productions, it is a chilling tale in which Ginny must do battle with a dreadful demon who has escaped imprisonment and determine to destroy the world she knows.

You can read a free sample here and see the lovely cover art as well.

Demon in the Bones, Book two of Ard Magister is now available in ebook format. A print edition should be coming at a later date for those who prefer to hold books in their hands. You can see the book here on the Amazon webpage or get a copy in whatever format pleases you at Smashwords.

Spellbound Magazine is returning. The debute issue will have my story "From Book to Rook and Back Again" as a reprint. Subscribe to Spellbound and help keep a paying market alive. Aimed at young readers, Spellbound has delightful and insightful stories. And hey, it doesn't hurt that I have a story in it.

Tales from Keltora is now available on the Yard Dog Press website. This is a collection of stories, a few previously published--but a whole lot more NEW stuff, including two never before seen novellas--concerning Conor the Mercenary, his wife Eithne the Healer and their adopted son Rhoyd, who will be the ARD MAGISTER one day. A lot of fun and serious tales about the threesome who inhabited my first novel. And a really Great Cover by John Kevin Hopkins too... Go out. Order. Make my Publisher Proud.

Yard Dog Press has E-Books! Mostly Selina Rosen's titles, but also our collaboration BAD LANDS (through Smashwords or on the Kindle or the Nook). And speaking of BAD LANDS, Yard Dog Press will be releasing a new trade copy of the novel later this year, and will be publishing book 2 of the Holmes and Storm mystery series BAD CITY.

Speaking of ebooks, Skywarrior Book Publishing has three of my titles (HOUNDS OF ARDAGH, DRAGON'S TONGUE and ARD MAGISTER) available. You can find them on Amazon or Barnes & Noble or Smashwords by just typing my name in the search engine4.

Anwyn Fans Rejoice. Another story is out for your enjoyment. Song of Mushrooms is now up on the Sorcerous Signals website. Read and enjoy, and if you care to make a donation to keep the magazine afloat, that will be appreciated as well.


Go to and enter "Laura J. Underwood." You will also find my ebooks for the Nook and for the Kindle by going to Barnes & Noble and


Do you like ebooks? Then hop over to my page on Smashwords and grab a copy of Ard Magister today. Prefer Kindle? You will find it on Amazon too, and it is available for a special price of only .99 cents.

Song of Feasting in WOLFSONGS 2 from Wolfsinger Publications is available now. It is a story of Anwyn and well, you'll have to read it to find out. Buy a print copy, or buy as an ebook.

Oh Them Silver Slippers is now available in the print and electronic editions of the anthology I SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN OZ from Yard Dog Press


Rogue Blades Entertainment is a great little small press putting the sword back into Sword & Sorcery. Support this small press (yes, I have a story out in their Demons: A Clash of Steel Anthology too).

Tracy Morris has interviewed me for her Livejournal. Tracy is an excellent writer herself. I highly recommend you get a copy of her short novel Tranquility from Yard Dog Press and its even funnier sequel Brideh of Tranquility.

Just Released: Master of Far Reach is now available at my store. Just follow this link to My Lulu Store where you will find a new adventure set in the world of the Harper Mage. This book, however, is about Rhystar, Master of Far Reach, creator of the harp Glynnanis and Anwyn's mentor. It tells of his youth, the love he lost, the vengeance he swore, and the trail he followed first to war and then to learning the true meaning behind his silver eyes. A must read for fans of the Harper Mage.


Just wanted to say THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS BOOK HAPPEN. I am finally able to get on with other stories in the same universe that depended on WANDERING LARK being released.

For those who were not able to be a part of this, you can still purchase a copy of Wandering Lark from the kind folk at Yard Dog Press. And in case you have missed the first book, Dragon's Tongue, YDP probably has a few copies available. If not, let me know because I have a LOT of copies of Book 1 and will gladly sell them to anyone who wants one.


I decided it was time to list all these in one spot.


"The Black Hammer"

"Egging Nog"

"Drooling Wizards"

"The Last Jest"


"Shadow Wraith" from SONG OF SILVER


My books are available from Yard Dog Press, Edge Books, SRM Publishing, Sam's Dot Publishing, and Wolfsinger Publishing.

Of course, you can get them from the usual big booksellers online as well, but small press cannot survive without your help. So please buy my books from one of the links above first. Thank you!


"Death and Need" is now available in MYSTIC SIGNALS #4. Order your copy from Wolf Singer Publications today!

STRIP MAULED edited by Esther Friesner from Baen Books is Now Available at all booksellers. You don't want to miss my story "That Time of the Month."

THE BOOKS OF TENTACLES is available from Sam's Dot Publishing, and includes my story "A Quiet Neighborhood."

Sam's Dot Publishing will also be using bits of my art in future projects, so stay tuned. And speaking of Sam's Dot, be sure to get a copy of my novella THE GREEN WOMEN from them. Support small press and small press authors!!!!

"Bella and the Flying Lugosi" is slated to appear in an unnamed vampire anthology, edited by the glorious Esther Friesner and forthcoming from Baen Books.


My novella The City Under The Bridge set in the world of the Harper Mage is now available from Wolfsinger Publications. You can purchase your copy through their online store on their Lulu webpage or by going to If an electronic copy is your preference, the book is available as a MobiPocket download too.

Drooling Wizards is now online here on my website. The story first appeared in Helix: A Speculative Fiction Quarterly in January 2008. It's not a tale for the weak of stomach, however. Herein, you will find Expectorating Wizards and Village Idiots and a little town called Upper Drooling, and hopefuly a lot of laughs.


SRM now has copies of DRAGON'S TONGUE, Book 1 of "The Demon-Bound" available for sale on their online catalog. Please buy from them or order copies through independent booksellers instead of using Amazon. You'll be helping to support Victims of MM if you do. And the folks at SRM have loads of other stuff for sale.

THE LUNARI MASK is out! Just hop over to Yard Dog Press, go to This Link and buy yourself a heaping helping of a fantastical Double Dog Treat! My novella "The Lunari Mask" is paired with Melanie Fletcher's rousting swordplay adventure tale "Sabre Dance." That's DoubleDog #4. Needless to say, both authors are a'bouncing with glee! We have wonderful covers too.

Song of Silver is now available from Dark Regions Press. Matt Taggart did the cover art, and it is a signed, limited edition collection for Only $16.95! If you are a fan of the Harper Mage Anwyn Baldomyre and his saucy harp Glynnanis, then you will enjoy this collection. Nearly ALL the stories are new, including a novelette titled "Song of Snow" (illustrated on the cover). So go forth! Buy Many Copies! and Enjoy!


Copies of CHRONICLES OF THE LAST WAR are now available at Yard Dog Press. This is the book that tells how Conor and Eithne met, but it is also a tale of demon, darklings, Black Hunters and all sorts of baddies. There's fencing, there's fighting, and there's even a little true love. *g*

Oh, and if you want to sample David Deen's marvelous cover, click here

Low Port at

CONVENTIONS -- Where you Can See the Real Me

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I have another website devoted to the Harper Mage, so check it out.  But here is where you are likely to find lists of my publications. (see below).

So look around. You'll find more stories listed on my biblio page and I am working on adding some other stuff as well.

[Rowdy Lass]
This page is dedicated to the
Rowdy Lass
who left this world in November of 1998

GENERAL STUFF -- Statistics for the Curious

Who Am I? (My Biography in a Nutshell)

What Have I done? (My Bibliography)

How do I Do That? (My Philosophies on Writing)


Keltora, Land of Myth

Tales of the Harper Mage

Ard Magister


I have promised I would do this, and I can't seem to get around to making a separate page so... The First Link is for Beliss. In case you are wondering who they are, they are my half sisters on the West Coast and boy are they wonderful (and beautiful) musicians. A warning, however, if you start drooling over their sultry pictures. Just remember. I'm their oldest sister, and I play with swords...

Selina Rosen and crew are a great bunch to work with. Selina is a great author as well as a kind and caring editor. So do me a favor, visit Yard Dog Press and Buy Our Books!

I don't know about you, but I am fascinated with this site. I think this and the NASA website are my two favorites. Mt. St. Helens is great to watch. And this is a good site for information about the volcano.

A brand new writer whose work you may wish to read is Madeline Howard. Her first novel, HIDDEN STARS is a wonderful fantasy set in a world of magic where forces of evil will keep you biting your nails wondering if they are going to win.

In recent years, I discovered Healing Touch. I have suffered for a long time from a damaged nerve in the back of my neck. The nerve was torn one day while picking up my little sister at the zoo so she could see the bears better. For years, I have sought assistance in dealing with the pain, and usually, heavy meds were needed when the nerve activated. But one day, a good friend told me that she practiced healing touch and asked me to let her try and see if she could stop my pain. It worked--so well that I now take regular sessions. So if you are curious about healing touch, visit the website of IN GOOD HANDS and see if Healing Touch can help you.

For now, if you have questions, you can e-mail me at "" You will have to remove the middle message and add the the @ link yourself. Sorry, but I get too many crazy spams as it is.

You can also drop in at my newsgroup where I can be found from time to time, dispensing wisdom or just telling silly stories about the family cat Gato Bobo. (sff.people.keltora)

And be sure to visit my Harper Mage site at

Keep the torches burning... it makes the scarecrows REAL nervous!


I know it's tempting to write in someone else's world, but it can cause copyright complications for an author as well. So please, no fanfic about Ard- Taebh or any of the characters I have created. Selfish as it may sound, I have to protect my copyright.

And remember, if you want to write fanfic about any author's work, you should ask permission FIRST. It's a matter of courtesy. And if the author turns you down, please be gracious enough to abide by the author's decision.

Besides, you should be writing your own stuff instead of writing other peoples stuff...

Thanks for listening.

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