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  After I discovered the internet, my fiction writing slowed to a trickle. There is something seductive about having 20mb of space to fill with your own creative works. 

 When I created my first website, I did not have an html editor nor ftp capability. I manually entered each and every word and each bit of html code. 

 Yes, this method was fairly time-consuming, but I had fun building a personal website dedicated to beginning writers who plan to write and sell their work. I wanted to share what I've learned along the way to becoming a published writer.   If you're just beginning your career as a writer, check out my pages on writing speculative fiction.

Or, if you have completed a novel, you might want to look over my list of epublishers and promo tips.

To aid you in your research, check out an eclectic collection of links including worldbuilding, graphic tips, building a writer's website, links of interest to speculative romance writers, etc. Enjoy!


As to my writing that fell by the wayside while I created web pages -- by 1995 I had garnered publication credits in over twenty print publications with my short stories, poetry and articles.

Over the past few years, I've completed the first five chapters and a chapter by chapter outline of the rest of the book for five different novels. These are best described as a dark fantasy set in another universe, a contemporary urban fantasy, a fantasy set in the Old West, an epic fantasy set in another universe and a supernatural murder mystery.


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