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Skiffy lives to Read! SFF Net is for people who love to read. Not only will you find others here who share your secret passion for genre fiction, you'll also find the authors and publishers who bring you the stories you love. Here are some of the ways SFF Net can enhance your reading pleasure:

Books by SFF Net members

You'll be pleasantly surprised at the number and variety of authors who have their online homes here. Here are some of the books they've written, listed alphabetically by the author's last name.

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Books exclusive to SFF Net

SFF Net publishes a popular and critically-acclaimed series of anthologies with stories from the current masters of short fiction. "Open the book, Open your mind."

Looking for out-of-print, or special editions?

Then you'll love Basement Full Of Books, where authors list their hard-to-find works. You might even talk someone into autographing a copy!

Want to get to know your favorite authors?

Great! Because there's an excellent chance they're hanging out here. SFF Net offers you many ways to interact with the best writers in the galaxy.

Lets talk about books!

In addition to the People newsgroups, SFF Net has a number of newsgroups dedicated to discussing books and related topics. If you don't find a group talking about what you're interested in, start one!

Other resources

SFF Net has one of the most extensive collection of links to genre-related sites you'll find anywhere on the 'net. Feel free to add links to any great sites that you've found!


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